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Permanent Steel Manufacturing Co.,Ltd has years of experience in manufacturing of various steel pipes. For more, visit: https://www.permanentsteel.com Categories: Oil and Gas / China Tags:
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Permanent Steel Manufacturing Co.,Ltd has been committed to being a major supplier of quality kinds of carbon steel pipe, stainless steel tube, hollow section, numerous types of piping equipments including Bend, Cap, Coupling, Elbow, Reducer, Stub End, Tee, Olet, Joint, Gasket, etc.As a factory,which specializing in the production, processing and sales of various steel pipes and pipe fittings size enterprises, headquartered in Hunan, the production base is located in Shandong and Tianjin. For more info, please refer to: https://www.permanentsteel.com or https://www.permanentsteelpipe.com