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Automatic single side fully automatic Bottle Making Machine 3L 1600BPH 140/2 is suitable for party or take the side of the labeling flat bottle shape can be equipped with independent plastic body, especially for the cosmetic industry and so on. irregular shape object automatic labeling, can be equipped with rollers.

Meanwhile, the automatic labeling of the round bottle can be realized. Plastic belt can be tilted design, headers, eight dimensions adjustment, any products can be adjusted within few minutes to complete the host adopt servo motor, achieve real closed—loop control, to avoid the common stepper motor “blind walk” phenomenon, high precision subdivision, built—in absolute encoder, all this is designed to improve the accuracy.

The special design of the plastic body to ensure the accurate positioning of the object. Implement accurate labeling.

The label has been scraped and flattened, the non—powered sponge roller compaction, and the power sponge roller squeezes and so on, which is not produced by air bubbles, especially for the transparent label of the frosted bottle.