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Madrid Spain
An international architecture practice which provides high quality, innovative design solutions to challenging projects. Categories: Building Engineering / Spain Tags:
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luis vidal + architects is an architecture practice that prides itself on creativity, development and global dialogue. With an international workforce – and talented architects of diverse backgrounds, luis vidal + architects offers experience across various disciplines and scales, including expertise in the design of global transportation hubs, health care facilities, office buildings and cultural/educational centers. Driven by keen entrepreneurial spirit, luis vidal + architects provides innovative and high-quality answers to social, cultural and environmental questions of the day. The firm has been labeled the “pioneer” of the user experience. luis vidal + architects was established in 2004 by Luis Vidal and maintains offices across Spain, the Dominican Republic, Chile and the U.S. luis vidal + architects has expressed its unique vision across 200 projects worldwide, each of which differs in scale and encapsulates industry-leading expertise. For more information, visit: www.luisvidal.com.