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Zhejiang PO-Light Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd is a China led lighting manufacturers and OEM led lighting Factory, supply custom led lighting online. Categories: Manufacturing Engineering / China Tags:
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Zhejiang PO-Light Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.With the policy of high execution, we have successively developed and produced different lamps such as tri-proof lamps, bracket lamps, dustproof lamps, LED panel lamps, LED floodlights, ceiling lamps, and so on.We have passed ISO quality management certification, CCC, BSCI, CE, SAA and environmental certification.We focus on quality and are driven by technological innovation. Our custom Led Lightings meet the international stardards, are mainly exported to European countries, South Asia, South America, etc.Everyone in the technical team has special expertise, including drawing design, drive design, and lighting structure design.