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Yuyao Sunpln Communication Equipment Co.,Ltd is China custom hot aisle containment manufacturers and OEM/ODM hot aisle containment suppliers Categories: Manufacturing Engineering / China
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Yuyao sunpln communication equipment co.,ltd. is a combination of research and development and production of data center cabling equipment, cable support system integrated manufacturer, which is specialized in producing fiber raceways, wire mesh cable trays, aluminum DC cable ladders, various kinds of cable trays, C channels, cable trunkings, cable fixers, Ground copper blocks, Multi-function support hanging system, 19 " Network cabinets, 19" server racks, wall mount racks, cold aisles and anti-static raised floor.Our products have passed a lot of testing and have a variety of certification, with ROHS, CE, UL, CUL and other certification, SGS and TUV various testing certificates, in 2007, fiber raceways, cable ladders and cable fixers won the national patent.