Last Mile Delivery for Building Materials - Curri

Los Angeles CA United States
Have you ever told your customers that you can offer them on-demand, 24-hour, straight-to-site deliveries of their building & construction materials. Categories: Non-Engineering / United States Tags:
transport for vehicles
transport for bulk home improvement materials
cabinet delivery service

When you’re in need of building materials and construction delivery, you can count on Curri. Curri is the Uber of hotshots, scheduled deliveries and any way you need your construction materials delivered. With Curri, all you have to do is order a delivery from the easy-to-use app. Pick the right vehicle for the job and that’s it. Next, you’re matched with a driver who will come and make sure your delivery gets where it needs to go safely and on time. Once you use Curri, you’ll wonder how your delivery ops team ever worked without it. If you need affordable, on-demand deliveries, then Curri is your solution. https://www.curri.com