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Current Solutions PC is one of the leading names of electrical engineering in New York. Since 1998, Since 1998, Current Solutions PC has helped businesses getting the most out of their electrical infrastructure. Our team of highly qualified and professional electrical engineers have years of experience in electrical engineering design, power distribution system and intricacies. Whether you need to identify how you can cut down the electrical consumption of your facility, or you'd like to maximize the power output of your system, Current Solutions PC has the right knowledge and experience to assist both small and large businesses with optimum electrical solutions. Our services not only include electrical design and consultancy, but we also provide professional electrical training programs for both expert and novice electrical engineers to learn advance power distribution techniques. Learn more about Current Solutions PC and our electrical engineering services in New York, New Jersey, Las Vegas, Connecticut, and Virginia at www.CurrentSolutionsPC.com, or call now at 914-347-8480.