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Sustainability: When it comes to caring for our environment, one of the primary concerns is how we treat and sustain it. With that in mind, Hariton Engineering’s main focus is to develop efficient, innovative and cost effective solutions to build supporting sustainable systems. We are professionals that work together to provide smart and sensible solutions that last. Hariton Engineering prides itself in reaching the client’s goals by maintaining open communication throughout the entire process of the project. Message from Celestin Hariton: Sustainability is something I know a lot about, having been passionate about it since before it was cool. I grew up during poverty-stricken times in Romania. Making things last a long time was the norm for my family and me. We reused containers, fixed things when they would break, and planned for the future. Growing up, my town didn’t have air conditioning; however, buildings were planned to naturally circulate air, with thick brick walls to naturally insulate and conserve heat. We even had double pane windows to keep the cold out. Hence, sustainability was ingrained in me from an early age. I was very excited when USGBC instituted the LEED program, and have been an accredited professional for over twelve years. I have participated on eight LEED projects, and welcome working on more innovative and challenging ventures.