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The COMPACS systems - Automatic Vibration Analysis and Condition Monitirong of Machinery in Hazardous Production Facilities.


108 Rabinovicha St., Omsk, Russia
DYNAMICS Scientific & Production Center
Omsk, Sib 644043
P:+7 3812 25 42 44
Reliability Engineering
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DYNAMICS Scientific-and-Production Center (Ltd.) is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of the stationary, portable and bench instruments and systems for vibration analysis, condition monitoring and automatic diagnostics of equipment COMPACS®, combined into an integrated diagnostic network Compacs-Net®, which constitute the ACS SMSRTM™ COMPACS® – the automated control system for safe money-saving operation of equipment in real time at all life-cycle phases.

The systems realize all the main types of non-destructive testing (NDT), including vibration analysis, acoustic emission, electrical, optical, eddy current, thermal, ultrasonic, acoustic and other NDT methods. This allows on a common hardware and software platform to implement an automatic diagnostics and technical state monitoring of various types equipment, such as:

  • dynamic equipment (machinery, rotary) - pumps, centrifugal and piston compressors, electric motors, reduction gearboxes, multipliers, fans, centrifuges, gears - over 2400 types of other rotating machinery;
  • static equipment (column-capacitive) - columns, tanks, reactors, pipelines, receivers, heat exchangers, ovens.