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Element Materials Technology

Materials Testing and Product Qualification Testing


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As one of the largest testing providers in the world, Element's global platform of over 60 laboratories and more than 2,000 Engaged Experts specialize in materials testing and product qualification testing in industries where failure is not an option.

Sectors We Serve

In Aerospace, Element’s role will continue to be mission critical to the delivery and innovation of lighter, stronger aerostructures, more efficient engines and safer control systems and aerospace components.

In Oil & Gas, tight oil, ultra-deep water, oil tar sands, arctic conditions and conventional extraction and the technical, compliance and commercial challenges that these environments bring are met by Element’s ever-more responsive and inventive testing capabilities.

In Transportation, whether you are designing systems and components for light-, medium- or heavy-duty vehicles, we can help make them faster, stronger, safer, more efficient and, most critical of all, more cost-effective.

Element also performs testing across a wide variety of other sectors, including:
• Construction & Building Materials
• Consumer & Industrial Products
• Defense
• Environmental Compliance
• Food Production
• Insurance & Litigation
• Manufacturing & Fabrication
• Medical Device
• Power Generation
• Sleep Systems
• Telecoms
• Wireless Electronics

Materials Testing Expertise

As one of the largest materials testing providers in the world, Element's materials testing laboratories span the US and Europe. From materials selection and R&D, quality control and production testing, through to in-service challenges such as failure analysis, our Engaged Experts work tirelessly to solve your most complex technical challenges in traditional metals to polymer matrix composites (PMCs), ceramic matrix composites (CMCs), additive manufactured materials as well as innovative and super alloys.

Core competencies include:
• Abrasion and Wear Testing
• Chemical Analysis
• Contaminant and Residue Analysis
• Corrosion Testing
• Environmental Aging & Exposure
• Failure Analysis & Engineering Consulting
• Fastener Testing
• Fatigue & Fracture Mechanics Testing
• Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
• Flammability Testing
• Fractography & Metallography
• Leak & Pressure Testing
• Materials Selection
• Mechanical Properties Testing
• Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
• Paints & Coatings Analysis
• Weld Testing & Inspection

Product Qualification Testing Expertise

With laboratories across the US, UK, Germany and China, we provide critical compliance, reliability and qualification testing to clients in in Aerospace, Transportation, Oil & Gas and many more sectors. Element's global platform of comprehensive product evaluation services range from environmental testing and EMC testing as well as highly specialized simulation such as fuel system testing, hydraulic and pneumatic component and system simulation, certification and approvals services and spin testing.

Core Competencies include:
• Accelerated Aging & Weathering
• Acceleration & Spin Testing
• Acoustics
• Altitude & Explosive Atmosphere Testing
• Climatics & Environmental Testing
• Compliance, Certification, and Early Stage Qualification
• Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
• Fire, Flame, and Flammability Testing
• Fuels and Liquids Testing
• HALT/HASS Testing
• Hose & Hydraulics Testing
• Ingress Protection
• MIL-STD-810 & RTCA DO-160 Testing
• Radio & Safety Testing
• Salt Spray & Corrosion Testing
• Sand & Dust Testing
• Seismic Testing
• Space Simulation
• Vibration & Shock Testing
• VOC & SVOC Testing
• Wind, Rain, Hail, and Icing Simulation

About Element

Originally formed out of the in-house materials testing and product testing laboratories of the Netherlands based Stork Engineering Group, Element Materials Technology can trace its technical pedigree back to 1827 – over 188 years ago. Element itself came in to being following a Management Buyout of Stork Materials Technology in December 2010.

In the years since our founding, Element has successfully completed a number of high quality acquisitions. These acquisitions have significantly extended Element's technical capability, operational capacity and geographic footprint as part of our ongoing strategy to satisfy our client's future testing requirements and also in support of our mission to become the world's most trusted testing partner.