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KAPS Technical Services

Technical Writing



Temple, TX 76504
United States
Mechanical Engineering
Company Type:
Engineering Consulting
Our Mission is to provide the highest quality, most personalized technical information service. •We are primarily technical writers, who specialize in engineering. •We deliver technical information services for small to medium sized organizations. Together we work to maintain the highest possible quality of services that we can possibly offer. Be assured that each member of our team is trained to provide expert service to all of our customers. We invite you to see how our team can become a special part of your family. •We are dedicated to promoting the highest quality of technical information services available anywhere., because of this we strive to demonstrate our belief that each customer is an individual, with his or her own specific needs and wants. You know your area better than we could ever know it! We are firm believers that the customer is always right. •Based in Central Texas, we are a small business and appreciate your small business, being a small business gives us the agility to react to changes and customer demand, this also gives us control over all aspects of the business. • Being a small business means K.A.P.S. Technical Services, can be flexible, and dynamic in the technical documentation business, we can handle any project from beginning to end. • Our expertise includes years of documentation experience in the automotive industry, being such means that we have to be a master of most areas of Engineering including but not limited to:- Automotive Engineering, Engineering Principles, Engineering Mathematics, Power Hydraulics, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Manufacturing, Materials, Environmental Engineering, Engineering Principles, Business studies, Mathematics & Statistics, Engineering Design and Professional Studies, CAD/CAM, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Systems & Instrumentation, Manufacturing & Automation Technologies, Production & Operations Management, Management Principles, Automotive Electrical & Electronics, Automotive Combustion Systems, Control Engineering, these are just a few areas that we cover. •We take the time to learn your products in depth, both on our own and in conjunction with your product designers. We specialize in the following areas, Technical Writing, content writing, article writing, web content writing, web, content, blog writing, technical writing, press release service, ,website copywriting, service, seo content, content writing service, content writing, content, optimized content design engineering technical services, writing, troubleshooting, contract, consulting, consultant, Writing & editing, Technical illustration, Photography, Animated tutorials, Product Specifications, Technical manuals and guides, Training reference materials, Standard operating procedures, (SOPs), Owner manuals, Maintenance manuals, Parts manuals, Design documentation/technical manual, Service Manual, Quick-start guides, Operation and Test manual, I&T service manual, Schematics, Engineering analysis instruments and systems, Manufacturing procedures, User manuals, Standard operating procedures, Safety manuals, Production and Operation Management, Policy and procedure manuals, Employee Handbooks