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Telecommunications Engineering
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Engineering Consulting
Kessler and Gehman Associates, Inc. (“KGA”) is a recognized leader in the consulting engineering industry and has been operating as a professional telecommunications consulting engineering firm for forty-five years (1967). KGA is fully insured and is licensed to practice professional engineering by the Board of Professional Engineers (regulatory agency and professional association for licensed engineers). Our firm is staffed with veteran consultants, with over 140 years of combined technical communications experience, and specializes in all phases of telecommunications systems. Our firm provides superior professional consulting services for the wireless and broadcast telecommunications industry and, with our state-of-the-art propagation software, RFR electromagnetic meters, frequency shaped isotropic field probes, computers, databases, and experienced staff, we have the capability and resources to evaluate (initial needs assessment stage), review (planning stage), recommend (consulting stage), measure (analysis stage), design (specifications and compliance stage), file (regulatory licensing), inspect (quality control and implementation stage), test (verification stage), and provide technical services for virtually any task or undertaking in the telecommunications field.