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Distribution Monitoring System

Smart Electricity Distribution Network Monitoring System

Smart Electricity Distribution Network Monitoring System

Category: Monitoring

Smart electricity distribution network monitoring system is the use of electronic information and communication technology to detect the distribution network’s short circuits and single-phase ground faults. It enables real-time monitoring, threshold warnings, fault session detection and sending out the fault message. This allows technical personnel to arrive on-site and fix the relevant problems quickly. This system can reduce the reliance on technician experience to identify faults, increase equipment stability and management efficiency.

Widely used in cities with overhead electricity lines, cable lines, oil fields, switchgears and other boxed equipments.

The system consists of the fault indicator (acquisition unit), collecting unit and main station server.

Fault indicator (acquisition unit): Fault indicator is the basis of the whole system; it’s used for collecting real-time data from all test sites.
Collecting unit: When fault indicator detects short circuit or earth fault, the turnover alarm and flashing red light will be triggered immediately, at the same time, the fault information will be transferred to the collecting unit wirelessly through 433M/Lora, and the collecting unit will report it to the main station server through GPRS/CDMA (2G/3G/4G).
Main station server: When the main station server receives the fault information, together with GIS system, the system will provide the time and location information where the fault occurs, to help the maintenance staff identify the fault and fix it in a timely manner.