Benefits for you company

Benefits for you company

For Engineers

We provide you with a way to add your engineering profile (resume) on our website if you are interested in employers contacting you. You can also search our reqularly updated list of engineering jobs.

For Engineering Companies

As an engineering company, you can:

  1. Add your company for free and use your profile to highlight the services and products that you provide.
  2. Submit posts about your company. These can be press releases, news or articles about your company or the products and services that you provide. New
  3. Post engineering jobs and attract the best talent around.
    Days Active Cost  
    10 Days $ 50.00  
    15 Days $ 75.00  
    30 Days (Most Popular) $ 100.00 Promo $80.00 per job if you post 5 or more jobs.
    60 Days $ 175.00  
    90 Days $ 250.00