Activated carbon-changes in the old and new national standards

Activated carbon-changes in the old and new national standards

Article Posted: 1/18/2021 9:40:28 PM

The ash content is related to the raw material of activated carbon. The ash content of wood charcoal is very small, and the ash content of coal-based charcoal comes from minerals in coal. activated carbon bulk canada Ash is divided into useless materials of coal-based activated carbon, and activated carbon manufacturers strive to reduce the ash content of finished activated carbon by selecting raw coal with low ash content as a substrate.


For coal-based carbon, the ash solidified in activated carbon is not terrible, because most of it is insoluble in water, such as SiO2, etc., but the water-soluble ash, that is, the substance that can be dissolved in water, is the 2008 edition. In the national standard, the ash content index was cancelled, and the water-soluble matter item index was added, which fully reflects the practicality.


In order to meet the actual adsorption requirements of the water industry, special adsorption test technical requirements for humic acid adsorption value and tannin adsorption value were added to the 2008 edition of the national standard.


Because the humic substances in natural waters mainly include humic acid and tannins, these macromolecular organic substances; the American AWWA standard has a test method for tannins.yongruida activated charcoal  By increasing the adsorption performance of humic acid and tannins, coal-based activated carbon is more suitable. The actual use in the water industry highlights the adsorption performance of coal-based activated carbon for macromolecular organics.

Activated carbon-changes in the old and new national standards


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