Adsorption catalytic combustion principle of honeycomb activated carbon

Adsorption catalytic combustion principle of honeycomb activated carbon

Article Posted: 12/26/2020 1:40:59 AM

In the past two years, the number of complaints from residents around automobile factories has been increasing. The state has promulgated new environmental protection laws and atmospheric protection laws. A few local standards have been introduced one after another, and environmental protection work has been promoted to a new level of national development strategy.


The exhaust gas trapped in it contains organic matter through the electric fan, through the oil mist filter, and then through the effect of the adsorption layer of activated carbon. coal activated carbon pellets The organic matter is the specific force of the activated carbon honeycomb, and the clean gas is expelled; after a period of time, the honeycomb The activated carbon reaches saturation and the adsorption stops. At this time, it has been densely packed in organic honeycomb activated carbon.

There is a heating chamber in the catalytic cleaning device, and the heating device is activated to enter the cycle inside. When the hot gas source reaches the boiling point of the organic matter, the organic matter is desorbed from the honeycomb activated carbon and enters the catalytic chamber for catalytic decomposition into CO2 and H2O, and release at the same time energy.


When the released energy enters the adsorption bed again for desorption, the heating device completely stops working at this time, the organic waste gas keeps spontaneous combustion in the catalytic combustion chamber, the exhaust gas is regenerated, and the cycle is held until the organic matter is completely distinguished from the activated carbon, and then released to the catalytic chamber. The honeycomb activated carbon has been regenerated, the organic matter has been catalyzed and dissected, and the appearance design treatment efficiency is about 90%.


Environmental protection has become the development trend of my country's automobile coating industry at this stage, and it will also bring us huge social benefits. At present, the activated carbon adsorption catalytic combustion method selected by a company is the world's first-class paint spray booth exhaust gas treatment process, which is safe, efficient, high thermal energy utilization rate, and exhaust emissions can meet the most harsh European environmental protection standards.

Adsorption catalytic combustion principle of honeycomb activated carbon


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