Animal Feed Machine Processes Feed Pellets

Animal Feed Machine Processes Feed Pellets

News Posted: 9/18/2020 4:19:00 AM

Now poultry and animals fed with feed pellets, and feed producing also has special feed processing machinery. Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional animal feed machine manufacturer. The following is the analysis of Fusmar Machinery from a scientific point of view, what are the advantages of processing feed with animal feed machine, and these are also the reasons for attracting users.

The Reason That Chooses Animal Feed Machine To Process Feed Pellets

Using a feed processing machinery to make feed pellets, their formula nutrition is very comprehensive. Which can avoid animals picky eating. Since the animal feed is basically pellet, it can be kept uniform in each process, thereby reducing unnecessary losses and saving transportation costs.  

During the processing of feed pellets, due to the effects of moisture, temperature, and pressure, a series of reactions will occur in the feed, which helps digestion. Coupled with the good fluidity of the pellet feed, there is little adhesion, which is one of the reasons for attracting customers. The feed processed by animal feed machine is not as susceptible to grading as powder, so it is not easy to dust, and the environmental pollution relatively reduced. Which is in line with the concept of environmentally friendly production.  

The Advantages Of Feed Made By Feed Pellet Machine

(1) Improving the poultry digestibility.

(2) In the production process, due to the combined effects of moisture, temperature, and pressure. The starch is gelatinized and the enzyme activity is enhanced, so that the animals digest the feed more quickly and improve the feed conversion rate.

(3) Preventing animals from picky eating, ensure a good nutritional formula, and reduce feed loss.

(4) Sterilization reduces the activity of microorganisms. High temperature steam conditioning and granulation can kill salmonella in animal feed.

(5) Avoiding automatic grading of feed ingredients and reducing environmental pollution.

(6) Increasing animal feed intake and reducing waste of feeding.

(7) Animals are easy to accept when changing the formula.

(8) Reducing the hanging material, agglomeration, and dust in the warehouse.

On the whole, feed processing machinery is an ideal feed equipment, and it should be used well. If you want to build your own feed pellet plant, please contact us, welcome to our Industry Animal Feed Pellet Plant.  

Animal Feed Machine Processes Feed Pellets


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