Animal Feed Pellet Machine Applications And Advantages

Animal Feed Pellet Machine Applications And Advantages

News Posted: 7/30/2021 3:48:06 AM

Animals can have better and improved performance after feeding on pelleted feed compared to the mixed rations. Feed pellet processing machine is designed to make small feed pellets of different types of solid grain.

Animal Feed Pellets Application

  1. Size of Feed Pellets: 2~10 mm
  2. Application of animal feed pellets: chicken, quails, ducks, geese,and other livestock such as cattle, pigs, goat, rabbits, and so on.
  3. Raw Materials for animal feed pellet production: rice, corn, wheat bran, beans, fish meal, oil cake,and so on.

High-quality Animal Feed Pellet Making Machine

Animal feed pellet making machine is an essential feed processing equipment to make various feed pellets for different animals. The widely used animal feed pellet mill is flat die feed pellet machine and ring die feed pellet machine based on the output. Generally, flat die feed pellet mill is suitable for household, farm, mini or small scale feed pellet production. It is usually designed with electrical engine, diesel engine, PTO engine, and gasoline engine. Small electric animal feed pellets machine is the most widely used in many poultry farms, livestock breeding farms or small scale feed pellet mill plant. While, ring die pellet mill is more suitable for medium and large commercial feed processing plant.  

Fusmar Machinery, animal feed pellet mill manufacturers in China. We supply different types of feed pellet production equipment at wholesale cost for different production demands. After years of development, our equipment now has improved performance and has been exported to many countries. We are committed to providing the best possible service, the best quality and optimal price to return customers. Just message us your specific requirements, we can offer your the best plan for your animal feed production business!

Animal Feed Pellet Machine Applications And Advantages


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