Animal Feed Pellet Machine Other Animal Feed Pellets Ingredients

Animal Feed Pellet Machine Other Animal Feed Pellets Ingredients

News Posted: 10/22/2019 2:03:08 AM

Animal feed pellet ingredients are various, in the last blog post we introduced several ingredients. Next, we continue to introduce others feed pellets raw materials.

Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional animal feed pellet machine manufacturer, this article will introduce animal feed pellets ingredients in details.

Sorghum As Raw Material

Sorghum contains about 70% carbohydrates and 3% to 4% fat, which is an energy feed according to the international feed classification principle. The effective energy value in the cereal class is second only to corn. However, sorghum, like other cereals, has a low protein content, generally, 7%-9% crude protein, and all essential amino acids cannot meet the nutritional needs of livestock. In particular, the content of lysine, sulfur-containing amino acid, and tryptophan in the limiting amino acids are less than half of that of pigs and chickens. The content of minerals and trace elements, except for iron, all minerals can not meet the nutritional needs of pigs and chickens. About half of the total phosphorus content is phytic acid phosphorus, and also contains about 0.2% to 0.5%. Tannins, both of which are anti-nutritional factors, the former hinders the absorption and utilization of minerals and trace elements, while the latter affects the utilization of protein amino acids and energy. If anything is possible, using an animal feed mill mixes other essencial elements to make animal feed pellets by yourself.

Using A Animal Feed Pellet Machine To Make Corn By-products

Corn gluten feed is a corn deep processing by-product consisting of corn wet-pretreated leachate, oiled corn germ cake or corn mash and corn seed coat after starch.

Corn germ meal.-sol is a by-product of corn germ as raw material, which pressed or immersed to extract oil. The corn soaked, broken, and separated from the germ before the corn starch produced, and then the oil taken. Most products are energy feeds except for very few varieties that are protein feed.

Rapeseed Meal As Raw Materials

The rapeseed cake contains about 35% to 36% of crude protein, and the rapeseed meal contains about 37% to 39%. Some rapeseed cakes have a crude fiber content of more than 18% in dry matter and should belong to roughage according to the international feed classification principle. However, the general rapeseed cake has a crude fiber content of 12% to 13% and is a low-energy protein feed. The content of methionine and cystine in rapeseed cake is high, the content of lysine is not high, and the content of arginine is very low. When combined with peanut meal, it can make up for the low content of ruthenium methionine and high arginine content. So it becomes the preferred biscuit in the low-priced biscuits. Rapeseed cake is rich in iron, manganese, zinc, and selenium, but lacks copper. About 60% of its total phosphorus content is phytate phosphorus, which is not conducive to the absorption and utilization of minerals and trace elements.

Using A Animal Feed Pellet Machine To Make Peanut Meal

Generally, the crude protein in peanut meal is 43%-46%, the arginine content is high, and the lysine and methionine contents are low. At the time of use, attention should be paid to the ratio of lysine to arginine. The loss of lysine and histidine in high-temperature processing is serious. Peanut cakes generally have a crude ash content of 4% to 6%. The content of 6% or more is generally not a peanut's own minerals. Most of them derived from exotic materials such as sand, stone, mud, and have no actual nutritional value. In addition to crude fat, the content of various nutrients in peanut meal has no substantial difference from peanut cake. In addition to crude fat, peanut meal is generally higher in nutrient content than peanut cake. The content of minerals and trace elements in peanut cake restricted by raw materials and soil geological conditions. Compared with other cakes, the content of calcium and phosphorus in peanut cake is lower, and 40% of total phosphorus is phytate phosphorus, which is difficult to absorb by monogastric animals. The content of trace elements in peanut cakes is relatively low except for iron and should add. Peanut meal is prone to mildew. Its water content is 9%, which is equivalent to 14% water content of other cakes and begins to mold. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to storage. Farmers should not store peanuts for summer.

Sunflower Seeds As Ingredients

Sunflower is the most widely distributed oil crop. The oil content of high-oil sunflower is 40%-50%. After leaching oil, sunflower seed meal produced. The high-oil sunflower shell is difficult to remove, and the shell weight accounts for 21%-31% of the sunflower seed weight. Therefore, sunflower seed meal contains more crude fiber, which reduces its nutrient level. Due to the presence or absence of shells, the content of crude protein varies greatly, generally varies from 25% to 38%, and the content of crude fiber also varies greatly. The kernel ratio of sunflower kernel meal is 24:76. The nutrient level of sunflower seed meal produced after shelling will greatly improve.

Sesame Cake As Ingredients

The sesame cake is fragrant, giving the impression that it is a good feed ingredient. Generally containing 38%-43% crude protein, low lysine, only 0.82%, and also contains tannic acid and oxalic acid, phytic acid, affecting the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. The amount can also cause diarrhea, generally, for non-ruminants feeding is not good. The sesame oil residue of the fragrant oil is only 40% after the water exuded from the ground, and the crude fat is high. After drying, the beef and rabbit feed can prepare. Pregnant sows can also feed.

Animal feed pellet machine is an indispensable equipment to make animal feed pellets. If you are interested in the feed pellet making machine, welcome to our website.

Animal Feed Pellet Machine Other Animal Feed Pellets Ingredients


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