Application of activated carbon in the treatment of oil refinery wastewater

Application of activated carbon in the treatment of oil refinery wastewater

Article Posted: 12/10/2020 1:43:40 AM

Activated carbon can remove suspended solids and colloidal substances in the wastewater, so that pollutants are partially removed, so that the micropores of biological activated carbon will not be blocked quickly. And when the processing capacity drops to a certain level, backwashing with a large flow of clean water for 20 minutes will restore the processing capacity.


The price of sand is low, and this step has a great effect as the effluent of the secondary biochemical treatment and then the advanced treatment. coal based activated carbon Limited by laboratory conditions, the sand layer is thin (only 30 cm) and the sand filtration speed is slow. If the sand layer can be thickened, the flow rate can be increased and the sand filtration time can be shortened.


The microorganisms on the charcoal bed are aerobic heterotrophic bacteria. They need oxygen when they degrade organic matter and metabolize themselves. Therefore, there is an oxygenation tank in front of the charcoal tower to ensure that the water entering the charcoal tower has enough dissolved oxygen. Pollutants can get more degradation.


Activated carbon is a good adsorbent, which can adsorb pollutants in wastewater well. However, microorganisms must be cultivated on the carbon bed to make it into biological activated carbon, so that it can adsorb and degrade the pollutants and greatly improve activated carbon manufacturers The removal rate of pollutants and prolong the service life of activated carbon, and when the processing capacity of activated carbon decreases, the waste water can be stopped and only air is supplied. The microorganisms on the carbon bed can degrade the pollutants adsorbed on the carbon bed, so that the activated carbon can be regenerated.


By cultivating bacteria that can dissolve the organic matter that is difficult to degrade in the secondary biochemical treatment, the sand filter oxygenated biological activated carbon treatment process has the advantages of strong impact resistance and significant ammonia nitrogen degradation effect. It is of positive significance for the treatment to be reused in production.

Application of activated carbon in the treatment of oil refinery wastewater


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