Applications of Silicon Carbide Nanopowder

Applications of Silicon Carbide Nanopowder

Article Posted: 10/22/2020 3:13:02 AM

The organic-inorganic hybrid precursors were synthesized from industrial silica sol and water-soluble phenolic resin to produce Silicon Carbide Nano-powder. After high-temperature heat treatment, silicon carbide Nano-powder was prepared by a carbothermal reduction reaction. black silicon carbide price The thermal decomposition process of the precursor and the preparation process were analyzed. Silicon Carbide Nanopowder has more applications due to its smaller size.


Studies show that the preparation process of this product is simple, and the product is a mixture of high purity Nano silicon carbide powder and silicon carbide whiskers. In a study by researchers from Northwestern Polytechnical University of China,  NANO-SiC powder was synthesized by the CARBO-THERMAL reduction method and its dielectric parameters in the frequency range of 8.2 to 12.4 GHz were measured. The β, 12H, and 21R type silicon carbide powders were obtained by changing the aluminum content and reaction atmosphere. The SiC powder has a much higher relative dielectric constant ε'r=30-50 than the α-SiC powder and a dielectric loss tangent (tgδ=~0.7) although the solid solution of Al and N will resist the resistance of the SiC powder. Polyacrylate/ Nano-SiO2 composite material has excellent film-forming properties, weather resistance, adhesion and high hardness, abrasion resistance and UV resistance of inorganic Nano-powder.


Silicon carbide nanopowder has been the most commonly used material for structural ceramic applications. Features such as relatively low thermal expansion, high strength-to-weight radius, high thermal conductivity, hardness, resistance to abrasion and corrosion, and most importantly, the maintenance of elastic resistance at temperatures up to 1650 °C, have led to a wide range of uses.


  1. They are used more for operation with low-temperature wear than for high-temperature behavior. The uses of SiC are such as sandblast injectors, automotive water pump seals, bearings, pump components, and extrusion dies that use high hardness, abrasion resistance, and carbide corrosion resistance of silicon.


  1. The structural uses at high temperature extend from the throats of the rocket injector to the furnace rollers and the combination of high thermal conductivity, hardness, and high-temperature stability causes the components of the exchanger tubes to be manufactured by silicon carbide.


  1. This thermal ceramic is resistant and strong against heat shock and provides great thermal conductivity, ideal for the manufacture of furnace linings and accessories.


  1. It is used in the making of pencils, sandpaper, ceramics and as an abrasive for cutting or polishing.


  1. Silicon carbide nanopowder is also used to produce aerospace mirrors. The material was used because it is very rigid and resistant to thermal shock. Silicon carbide also prevents mechanical fatigue, moisture absorption and deterioration caused by space radiation.
  1. Silicon carbide is well known as an effective material in armor protection. This is because it is mechanically strong and lightweight. It limits the impact of armor weight on user performance (mobility and fuel consumption).


  1. Silicon carbide nanopowder is an attractive material for a wide range of electronic applications thanks to its specific properties, including chemical inertia at all temperatures, resistance to thermal shock and hardness and sintering of abrasion. Its main application in this industry is in the manufacture of furnace furniture and process components for the semiconductor industry, as well as in the electric field classification and surge protection.


  1. It is also useful in the construction of diodes, transistors, suppressors and high energy microwave devices. Light-emitting diodes (LED) and the first radius detectors (1907) were manufactured with the compound. where to buy silicon carbide powder  Currently, silicon carbide has been replaced in the manufacturing of LED bulbs with gallium nitride that emits a light 10 to 100 times brighter. In electrical systems, silicon carbide is used as a lightning rod in electrical energy systems since they can regulate their resistance by regulating the voltage across it.


Applications of Silicon Carbide Nanopowder


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