Biaxial Efficient Mixer SSHJ Mixing Machine Manufacturer

Biaxial Efficient Mixer SSHJ Mixing Machine Manufacturer

News Posted: 9/30/2019 2:15:35 AM

A mixer is a mechanical device that uniformly mixes two or more materials by mechanical force and gravity. During the mixing process, increase the surface contact area of the material. It can promote chemical reactions, and physical changes can also accelerate.

Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional feed mixer manufacturer, this article will introduce SSHJ biaxial efficient mixer in detail.

The Application of Biaxial Efficient Mixer
SSHJ series biaxial paddle efficient mixing machine is widely used in feed, grain, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide, and other industries in the powder, granule, flake, block, miscellaneous and mixed sticky materials, and can do all kinds of material drying and cooling operations.

Main product characteristics

  1. It is widely used in feed, food, chemical, fertilizer, and other industries for the mixing of powder, granular, flake, lump, and other materials.
  2. It has a high mixing speed and short mixing period. Mixing speed is 30-120 seconds/batch.
  3. Mixing homogeneity is high, reaching 95% (i.e. CV is less 5%). Besides, segregation won’t happen.
  4. Mixing capacity is various with large effective volume.
  5. The bottom-type electric or pneumatic discharging system can assure fast material discharging and less residue wit door shaft chain mechanism.
  6. The equipment of return air inlet can help avoid powder leakage, which fully meets the requirement of environmental protection.
  7. Compressed air cleaning system can be equipped according to your actual needs, which will minimize the residue amount.
  8. Special atomized spraying system customizable. The addition of molasses, oil and other material will be more homogeneous.
  9. There are various machine types for your choice, including carbon steel, stainless steel, composite materials, etc.

Biaxial Efficient Mixer Working Principle
The mixer is composed of two rotating in the opposite direction of the rotor, the rotor has to weld multiple special Angle of the blade, blade force material on the one hand along the wall counterclockwise revolve. On the other hand, drive material turning around.
At the overlapping of the two rotors, they formed a floating zone in the area. Regardless of how the material shape, size, and density, it can make the material to rise in moments of weightlessness. In order to make the material in the machine groove to form a continuous cycle turned in all directions, staggered shear each other. So as to achieve rapid mixing soft effect.

Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery as a professional feed mixing machine manufacturer. We not only provide a single machine but also provide a complete feed pellet production line. With years of experience in production and sales, the machines we provide are very popular with customers.

Biaxial Efficient Mixer SSHJ Mixing Machine Manufacturer


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