Biomass Charcoal Briquette Machine Setting Up A Bio-briquette Project

Biomass Charcoal Briquette Machine Setting Up A Bio-briquette Project

News Posted: 7/19/2021 4:48:51 AM

Bio-briquette is a form of renewable energy that is acquired through the conversion of agroforestry waste into bio-coal. Biomass charcoal briquette machine is an ideal equipment in this project. Bio-briquette projects are crucial biofuel substitutes to coal and charcoal. The projects are mostly common in developing countries where there is no sufficient number of energy sources. Bio-briquettes have several uses, the project can be in industries in heating industrial boilers to give electricity.

The Main Use Of A Bio-briquette Project

Bio-briquettes are mainly used for thermal applications where coal can be used. The set-up can be used in the generation of steam in industrial boilers and for heating purposes. Bio-briquettes can be used as a substitute for various conventional fuels such as furnace oil, coal, firewood, and kerosene among others. Some of the industries that make maximum utilization of briquettes include food processing industries, vegetable plants, textile units, chemical units and any other industries that utilize thermal applications. Fusmar charcoal briquette production line is the best device for your choice.

Significance Of Setting Up A Bio-briquette Project

  1. Production of electricity.

Acquisition of electricity is a big challenge for most developing countries. The reason for this may be due to high costs or lack of connectivity. Bio-briquette projects are significant when it comes to generating electricity at reduced costs.

  1. Minimization of fossil fuel consumption.

The utilization of fossil fuels such as petroleum and coal has resulted in an increase in air pollution. The use of fossil fuel is prevalent in developing countries due to its availability in large numbers. Utilization of bio-briquettes is significant in reducing air pollution. The current environmental conditions can be improved by cutting down the burning of petroleum products and coal.

  1. Bio-briquettes provide clean heating to power plants.

Most power plants utilize coal as the major source of energy. The use of bio-briquettes in power plants can be important in minimizing the carbon footprint as well as cutting down the production costs.

  1. Reduction of waste products from the industry.

Industrial wastes are a big problem to the global industrial belts. Industrial wastes cause several damages to the environment such as water pollution and soil contamination. Bio-briquettes play a significant role in converting industrial wastes into recyclable source of energy. 

  1. Job opportunities.

The use of briquettes has created job opportunities for a large number of individuals. The demand for manpower in the green technology field is rising. Charcoal briquette making machine is the indispensable machinery in this project.

Advantages Of Setting Up A Bio-briquette Project

  1. Bio-briquettes are a cheaper source of energy compared to coal.
  2. Briquettes are efficient due to low levels of moisture and higher density than firewood and loose biomass.
  3. Biomass briquettes have a higher percentage of thermal content and lower ash content compared to coal.
  4. Briquettes are a renewable source of energy unlike coal and oil, which cannot be reused.
  5. They do not include transportation costs since they are typically present around the consumption centers.
  6. Factors that investors will notice in a bio-briquette project.
  7. The calorific value: This influences the burning of the briquettes. High calorific values are required to properly burn briquettes.
  8. Resistance to humidity: Humidity can cause damage to briquettes. Features such as lignin and other binders in briquettes are soluble in water.
  9. Moisture content: This is one of the factors that affect the quality of the bio-briquette. The content of moisture is determined by the type of the feedstock and its properties. Optimal moisture content is between 10 percent and 18 percent.
  10. Ash removal: Ash is one of the factors that influence the quality of a briquette. Accumulation of ash may result in the blockage of air holes resulting in reduced air supply. Investors will always look for briquettes with low ash levels.
  11. Compacting pressure: An increase in compacting pressure enhances briquettes strength. The higher the compacting pressure, the lower the atmospheric humidity levels, hence increasing the durability of the bio-briquette.
Biomass Charcoal Briquette Machine Setting Up A Bio-briquette Project


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