Biomass Pellet Fuel Is A Renewable New Energy

Biomass Pellet Fuel Is A Renewable New Energy

News Posted: 3/31/2020 4:20:15 AM

With the requirement of environmental protection, the development of biomass energy has been promoted, so the biomass wood pellet machine is an indispensable device. Biomass pellets belong to biomass energy, but there are many people who do not know the requirements of biomass pellet machine pelletization. Knowing what is required for pelletization can produce high-quality biomass pellets, so that investors can obtain benefits and bring better profits.

The Requirements Of Biomass Pellet Machine pelletization

There are three kinds of requirements in pelletizing, the first is the raw material, the second is the particle size, and the third is the humidity. As long as these three requirements are met in the pelletizing process, a good biomass pellet fuel can be made.

The wood pellet machine is most suitable for coarse fiber pelletization. The common processing materials are: wood chips, straw.

The raw material is very extensive, it is agricultural forestry waste, be like straw, biomass pellet cotton stalk, sawdust, branch, straw, fruit shell, waste wood. The size of the raw material affects the pelletization, the pelletization size needs to use the pulverizer to crush the raw material into a particle size of about 5MM to 10MM. Only in line with the standard can be made. Pelletization also requires humidity. The humidity is 8% to 12%. A dryer machine can be used. Only when the standard humidity is reached, the biomass pellet fuel can be made.

Development Prospect Of Biomass Pellet Machine

First of all, because of the shape of the pellets, compressed volume, save storage space, but also easy to transport, reducing transport costs. Secondly, the combustion efficiency is high, easy to burn out, less carbon residue. Compared with coal, the volatile content of high ignition point low, easy to ignite. With the increase of density, high energy density and large increase of combustion duration, it can be directly applied to coal-fired boilers. In addition, when biomass pellet combustion, the harmful gas composition content is very low, the emission of harmful gas is less, with environmental protection benefits. And the ash after combustion still can be used as potash fertilizer directly, saved expense.

Biomass pellet fuel is renewable new energy. It uses wood waste, trees, corn stalks, rice stalks, rice husks, and other plant wastes to make pellet fuel through crushing, mixing, extrusion, drying and other processes for direct fuel combustion. Biomass pellet fuel can replace non-renewable energy such as coal, oil, natural gas. The promotion and use of the wood pellet machine production line not only solves the problem of straw handling, but also increases farmers' income, and also contributes to environmental protection.

Biomass pellet fuel is renewable new energy, which can play an increasing role in renewable energy and take effective measures to promote green energy.

Biomass Pellet Fuel Is A Renewable New Energy


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