Biomass Pellet Machine Wood Pellet Machine Is Environmental Protection Equipment

Biomass Pellet Machine Wood Pellet Machine Is Environmental Protection Equipment

News Posted: 4/7/2020 1:51:17 AM

Biomass pellets are also called wood pellets, they are a new style of fuel. Biomass pellets are becoming more and more popular in the world, many customers consulting us to build biomass production lines with our biomass pellet machine.

The Types Of Biomass Pellet Machine

Our biomass pellet machine has two types, one is flat die pellet machine, one is ring die pellet machine. Flat die pellet machine is suitable for pressing strong adhesive materials, such as crop straw. And ring die pellet machine, suitable for pressing poor adhesion of materials, such as wood chips and so on. No matter what kind of pellet machine, it is worth noting that the feeding speed must be uniform, too slow will affect the output, too fast easy to block or crash.

Choosing A Suitable Biomass Pellet Machine

No matter if you are experienced customers or want to start a business in this industry, this article will help you to improve the efficiency of the wood pellet machine. We do really hope these tips can help to grow your business.

  1. Choosing the wood pellet machine suitable for your own production capacity, such as the actual output of 1-2 tons. If you choose to produce 2-3 tons of machine, is it not overkill, causing waste?
  2. The feeding process should be uniform in the production process, in order to ensure the smooth operation of the machine, uniform granulation does not block the material.
  3. Control the gap between the mold and the pressure roller. After the high temperature is matured, the material is pressed and pressed by the pressing wheel, so that the particles have good compactness and firm appearance.
  4. Select the appropriate mold aperture according to your actual needs. If the aperture is too small, it will result in low output and no discharge, which will seriously affect the production efficiency of the wood pellet machine.
  5. Regular oil lubrication and cleaning. Long-term friction between the mold and the press wheel can damage the mold. Regular oiling and cleaning can not only ensure the cleanliness of the mold, but also reduce the friction between the two, reduce the cost and provide production efficiency.

Just as the above tips indicate, the efficiency of the wood pellet machine not only has a relation with high-quality machines, but also has a relation with the maintenance in the production process.

If you want to know more about the wood pellet machine production line, please visit 500KG Wood Pellet Production Line and Industrial Wood Pellet Production Line.

Biomass Pellet Machine Wood Pellet Machine Is Environmental Protection Equipment


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