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Activated charcoal is one of the best cleansers and most absorbent substances in the world. yongruida activated carbon pellets What's interesting about it is that it's not powerful because of some chemical property, but rather because of the structure of the charcoal itself.


Imagine you have a piece of paper. If you fold that piece of paper and open it back up, the crease in the paper can accumulate some dust or sand or something you pour over it. It will absorb – or catch – a little of the substance, but not much. If you fold the paper up back and forth a lot, in an accordion pattern, then pour your sand over it, it will catch and hold a lot more.


This is sort of how activated charcoal works. At a microscopic level, activated charcoal has a ton of holes and divots that attract and catch particles of other things, like dirt and oil. It does this essentially at a molecular level, far smaller than our paper example.


If you buy some activated charcoal, you want it to be an effective cleanser, whether you're using it on your skin, as part of a tooth brushing habit, or as something you eat to detox your insides.


The answer is, pretty much no. See, various other treatments you might use as part of your beauty routine are made up of molecules that tend to be large and complex.  They also aren't always super stable. All kinds of things can go wrong.


Charcoal is basically what remains after thoroughly burning some kind of organic compound, usually something like wood, sawdust, or coconut hulls. It's basically just ash that has been burned and burned and burned until nothing but the carbon remains.


The "nothing but the carbon remains" part is very important. Charcoal without the "activated" part can actually be dangerous to your health. That's why you can't just go buy some charcoal briquettes from the store and grind them down to use. In fact, that can cause cancer, among other health issues.


The "activation" of activated charcoal is basically just burning it at a very high temperature (we're talking 1,100 to 1,600 degrees F, or 600-900 C) to get rid of anything that isn't It's sometimes then processed with chloride salts to give it an even more porous structure and washed with an acid to get rid of any elements that remain other than the carbon. In some cases it's then even processed with something like carbon dioxide to create even deeper pores, enhancing its absorbent properties.



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