Can The Bark And Leaves Be Used As Raw Materials For Charcoal Briquette Machine

Can The Bark And Leaves Be Used As Raw Materials For Charcoal Briquette Machine

News Posted: 5/8/2020 2:08:36 AM

When users invest in charcoal briquette machine for the production of mechanism charcoal, all know that the raw materials of the charcoal making machine have a certain effect on the quality of mechanism charcoal. The quality of the machine-made charcoal made from different raw materials is also different. Can the bark and leaves be used as raw materials for charcoal briquette machine? What raw material is the ideal raw material for charcoal making machine?

Can The Bark And Leaves Be Used As Raw Materials For Charcoal Briquette Machine

In fact, many raw materials can be used for the production of environmentally friendly charcoal making machine, such as sawdust, rice husks, bamboo shavings, branches, various fruit shells, and other biomass materials containing wood fibers. Of course, the quality of the mechanism charcoal produced from different raw materials is also different, the harder the material, the better the quality of the mechanism charcoal. Among them, the trees and bamboo are better, and the pine and fruit trees are better.

Trunks and roots can produce charcoal, so some customers have asked, can bark and leaves be made of mechanism charcoal? Fusmar Machinery tells you that these are also possible. However, it is not possible to produce machine-made charcoal only from bark and leaves. Because the main requirement of making mechanism charcoal is wood fiber, and although this raw material also contains carbon elements, it does not contain wood fiber. Therefore, the quality of mechanism charcoal produced from this is not good, and it is not easy to form. However, we can artificially add some wood fiber to it, that is, we can properly add some sawdust to produce, the mechanism charcoal produced in this way is fine.

What Raw Material Is The Ideal Raw Material For Charcoal Making Machine

The raw materials for making charcoal are very rich. Such as sawdust, rice husk, sunflower seed skin, coconut shell, medicine residue, bamboo, walnut skin, branch, bark, trunk, wine residue, vinegar residue, furfural residue, peanut shells and various hard woods, nut shells, etc. These can be used to make mechanism charcoal. The new charcoal making machine equipment is mainly used to deal with waste and waste utilization, so it is not said that the mechanism charcoal made from which raw material is good and the quality of the mechanism charcoal made from which raw material is poor.  

Although the mechanism charcoal effect made from various raw materials is similar, it is still a little different. That is, the technology of making carbon. According to our experience, hard mixed wood is better than straw rice husk, and the carbon quality is a little higher. If there is no good carbon-making technology, the calorific value of the charcoal produced from these will not be much different. So, to make high-quality charcoal, not only must have the good raw material, but also must have the good charcoal production technology.

In the production of charcoal briquette production line, branches, leaves and bark can be used as raw material to make mechanism charcoal. Users can choose according to local actual conditions and their own needs when selecting raw materials, to ensure better production mechanism charcoal in the charcoal briquette production line.

Can The Bark And Leaves Be Used As Raw Materials For Charcoal Briquette Machine


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