Classification Of Organic Fertilizer Dryer

Classification Of Organic Fertilizer Dryer

News Posted: 9/24/2019 2:49:51 AM

The development of livestock manure as a composite organic fertilizer can not only turn waste into treasure, but also reduce environmental pollution, prevent the spread of diseases, and have good economic and social benefits. Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional fertilizer drying machine manufacturer, this article will introduce this machine in detail.

Classification Of Organic Fertilizer Dryer

Fertilizer drying machine includes chicken manure dryer, cow dung drying machine, horse manure drying machine, pig manure dryer, duck manure dryer, goose dung dryer, and so on. The organic fertilizer dryer has fine granules, and the dried products can use to produce organic fertilizers or as feed for cultured turtles, fish, snails, chickens, ducks, and so on.

Take the chicken manure dryer as an example as follow.

Chicken Manure Dryer

The chicken manure dryer is professional equipment for drying chicken manure. It can use to dry chicken manure into organic fertilizer, then used for fertilization in farmland. Studies have shown that the use of chicken manure organic fertilizer can increase yield about more than 20% per 10Kg. Fertilization 100Kg per acre, vegetables can increase yield about more than 30%. Fertilization 25Kg per one, fruit tree can increase yield about more than 40%. Fertilization 100kg per acre, watermelon can increase yield about more than 40%. Through a series of purification of high temperature, disinfection, and then drying out qualified chicken manure. Thereby increasing our economy benefits.

How To Work Of Fertilizer Drying Machine

The organic fertilizer dryer can directly dry livestock manure up to 70%-80% water content to 13% safe storage moisture, and the whole process carried out in a closed system, thereby reducing environmental pollution during the drying process. The equipment mainly composed of heat source, feeding machine, rotary drum, discharging machine, material crushing device, induced draft fan, unloader, and power distribution cabinet. After the dehydrated wet material added to the dryer, under the flipping of the cloth copying device. The material evenly dispersed in the dryer and fully contacted with the hot air, which accelerates the drying heat transfer and mass transfer. In the drying process, the material discharged under the action of the inclined plate and the hot temper, and the star discharge valve discharged to the other part of the dryer.

Features Of The Fertilizer Drying Machine

  1. The dryerhighly mechanized and has large production capacity, then, it cancontinuously operate.
  2. The structure is excellent and simple, and the material runs smoothly through the resistance of the cylinder, then itis easy to operate.
  3. Lowfailure, low maintenance costs, and low power consumption.
  4. Wide application range and good uniformity of product drying.

Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery as a professional fertilizer drying machine manufacturer. Providing each customer with intimate pre-sales and after-sales professional services, from product introduction to production site and customer equipment worksite visit. With years of experience in production and sales, we provided machines that are welcomed by customers.

Classification Of Organic Fertilizer Dryer


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