Columnar activated carbon: advantages, classification, applications

Columnar activated carbon: advantages, classification, applications

Article Posted: 12/2/2020 12:37:24 AM

Columnar activated carbon, as the most commonly used purification material in the modern market, is widely used in many industries and fields. It is believed that it will have a better prospect and market development in the future.activated carbon manufacturer The following columnar activated carbon manufacturers will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of columnar activated carbon.

Advantages of columnar activated carbon:


  1. Long service life, the normal service life can reach 2-3 years, and it can be used for 8-12 months in the face of high-concentration wastewater and gas.


  1. Stable chemical properties: It will not react with gases and organics during the reaction process. Solvents and useful substances can be recovered using this feature.


  1. High strength, the strength of the columnar activated carbon ensures the service life of the columnar activated carbon.


  1. High cost performance, columnar activated carbon adsorption is more comprehensive and the price of columnar activated carbon is lower, the equipment is simple and the cost is low.


  1. Physical adsorption is safer. The columnar activated carbon will not react with other substances, threaten human health, pollute the environment and affect the use effect and other negative effects.


Classification of columnar activated carbon:


At present, there are two common types of columnar activated carbon, coal-based activated carbon and wooden columnar activated carbon.


coal based active carbon is mainly made of anthracite, and is mainly used for industrial wastewater and gas treatment.


Wooden columnar activated carbon is made of wood chips. Compared with coal-based charcoal, wood charcoal has stronger adsorption capacity and is suitable for higher standards of drinking water and gas treatment.


Wooden columnar activated carbon materials and processing are also more difficult than coal-based columnar activated carbon, so the price of wooden columnar activated carbon is higher than that of coal-based columnar activated carbon.


Application of columnar activated carbon:


Water treatment industry: tap water, drinking water, domestic water, industrial and production sewage, beverage, medical, food water.


Air purification industry: deodorizing, adsorbing and filtering formaldehyde, benzene and other organic harmful gases.


Industry: decolorization, purification, purification


Reagents: Used as catalysts and catalytic carriers to recover useful substances.

Columnar activated carbon: advantages, classification, applications


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