Development direction of activated carbon in the future

Development direction of activated carbon in the future

Article Posted: 12/10/2020 1:44:50 AM

Due to the annual increase in urban sewage brought about by social and economic growth, activated carbon technology should also continue to improve and innovate. granular carbon In the current application of activated carbon purification technology in my country, the problem of domestic sewage treatment has been properly solved, and the application technology of activated carbon is also Continuous improvement.


As the world’s largest producer and exporter of activated carbon, my country’s exports are mainly low-end products, showing a state of high volume and low prices, mainly because the production structure of activated carbon in my country is dominated by columnar activated carbon, and the output of wood activated carbon, especially high-end dedicated activated carbon, is low. , Is the main direction of future industry development.


As we all know, activated carbon has strong adsorption performance and is widely used, so it has a large market space. The characteristics of activated carbon adsorption purification treatment of domestic sewage, activated carbon adsorption methods, there are 4 types of fixed bed, contact adsorption, moving bed and fluid bed.


Among them, the adsorption method of columnar activated carbon is only contact adsorption, which is also its characteristic. In the process of treating domestic sewage problems, columnar activated carbon increases metering according to different conditions of water quality, which is particularly good for projects with large changes in sewage quality. Effect. activated carbon factory At the same time, the columnar activated carbon can also be used for dry or wet cast according to different needs. Wet cast can deal with some daily sewage problems, and dry cast can be used for emergency sewage treatment.

Development direction of activated carbon in the future


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