Disc Mixer Fertilizer Mixing Machine Manufacturer

Disc Mixer Fertilizer Mixing Machine Manufacturer

News Posted: 10/25/2019 10:43:37 PM

This machine is new type disc mixer. It characterized in that the output shaft end of the reducer drives the stirring spindle to make it run. Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional disc mixer manufacturer, this article will introduce this machine in detail.

Disc Mixing Machine Introduction

The disc mixer consists of a stirring disc, a discharge port, a stirring arm, a frame, a gear box, and a transmission mechanism. The stirring shaft has fixed stirring teeth, and then the stirring shaft drives the stirring teeth to mix the materials. The mixer has a long service life, energy saving, small volume, fast stirring speed, continuous working, and so on.

Use And Characteristics

This machine mainly used for the mixing of raw materials, especially suitable for the use of urban and rural construction projects and granulation process production processes. Polypropylene plate lining or stainless steel plate used in the plate, so it is not easy to stick. Wear-resistant, the cycloidal pinwheel reducer has the characteristics of compact structure, convenient operation, uniform mixing, convenient discharge, transportation, and so on.

Structure Of The Disc Mixer

The whole fertilizer mixing machine can divide into three parts:

  1. Rack part:All working bodies of the machine fixed on the rack. The frame of the machine is made of high carbon steel plate and channel steel welded. And through strict product certification and specific process requirements to achieve the purpose of use.
  2. Transmission connection part:This machine adopts cycloidal pinwheel reducer to drive the spindle to rotate. The main part of the main machine made of nylon pin, which is the phase gear and transmission drive of the drive connector, which is convenient for assembly and maintenance.
  3. Stirring work part:The transmission wheel transmitted the main shaft through the pin coupling. Then the material evenly turned in the stirring chamber, so that the material can fully mix. Thereby greatly reducing the residual amount of the material.

Working Principle Of The Disc Mixer

The motor drives the reducer to run, the reducer drives the spindle, and then the spindle drives the stirring teeth to stir the material.

Advantage Of The Machine

  1. The material thoroughly mixed to improve the mixing uniformity. The novel rotor structure adopted to adjust the minimum gap between the rotor and the casing to near zero, which effectively reduces the residual amount of material.
  2. The inside of the disk made of polypropylene plate lining or stainless steel plate, so it is not easy to stick to material and wear-resistant.
  3. It adopts cycloidal pinwheel to reduce the structure, and has the characteristics of compact structure, convenient operation, uniform mixing, convenient discharge and transportation, and so on.
  4. The overall structure is more reasonable, the appearance is beautiful, the operation maintenance are convenient, and so on.

Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery not only provide a single fertilizer production machinery but also provide a complete fertilizer production line. As a professional fertilizer production equipment manufacturer, with years of experience in production and sales, we provided machines are welcomed by customers.

Disc Mixer Fertilizer Mixing Machine Manufacturer


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