Distributors of Stainless Steel and Aluminium Products

Distributors of Stainless Steel and Aluminium Products

News Posted: 11/14/2018 5:06:50 AM

Euro Steel is a South African Company that has established itself as one of the leading suppliers of stainless steel and aluminium products. Operating as a part of the AFMETCO group, the company strictly adheres to their guidelines in all their manufacturing processes. The Company operates not only throughout South Africa, but it also actively in Namibia, Zambia and Mozambique. Through its services and supply of high-quality steel and aluminium products, the Company supports some important industries like rail, sugar, petro-chemicals, mining, engineering etc.

Stainless Steel Products:
Being a member of the SASSDA, Euro Steel always keeps the quality of its products in mind. They provide high-quality stainless steel products at the most competitive prices.

1. Sheets: Euro Steel manufactures a wide range of stainless steel flat-rolled or sheet products. They offer grades like 3CR12, 430, 304L, 316L, 310, 409, 441, 444 etc. One can also request for other grades. All their products are delivered with test certificates.

2. Plates: Stainless steel plates or hot rolled plates are also supplied by Euro Steel in the standard widths and lengths, just like the sheets. They are mostly available with a No.1 finish that is a hot rolled, heat treated and descaled finish. They are also available in the cold rolled form with a 2D finish.

3. BSP Fittings: At Euro Steel, one can find a wide variety of Stainless steel BSP fittings including BSP Elbows, Tees, Reducing Bushes, Plugs, Union, Reducing Sockets and more. All BSP Fittings are manufactured in accordance with the ASME/ASTM SA 182 standard.

4. Others: Serving as the ultimate destination for all stainless steel needs, the Company also deals in Stainless steels coils, decorative finishes, tread plates, pipes and valves.

Some of the popular Aluminium products of Euro Steel include:
1. Coil: The Company supplies a variety of Aluminium Coil configurations like 9017, 1050 and 5251. While the popular widths of the coil are 1000mm, 1250 mm and 1500mm, the thickness of the coil ranges from 0.5mm to 2.5mm.

2. Sheet: Aluminium Sheets are also available in the same configurations as the Aluminium Coils. These sheets are available in the standard mill finishes and the No. 4 Satin Finish as well.

3. Decorative Finishes: Decorative finishes like brushed and textured finishes are available in various sizes at Euro Steel. You can easily find finishes like 5WL, BA Mirror, Ring Polish and 2B Finish with them.

4. Others: Apart from the above-stated aluminium products, Euro Steel also deals in many other products like Aluminium Plate, Tooling Plates, Extruded Sections and Extruded Tubing.

For more information, please visit: https://www.eurosteel.co.za

About the Company:
Euro Steel, a part of the AMFETCO group, is amongst the leading the suppliers of stainless steel and aluminium products in South Africa, The Company strictly adheres to the international standards to provide only the best quality products.

10 Commercial Road, Wadeville
Germiston 1400, South Africa
Tel: + 27 (0) 86 123 3876

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