Dry Fish Feed Pellet Machine Fish Feed Making Machine In India

Dry Fish Feed Pellet Machine Fish Feed Making Machine In India

News Posted: 9/25/2019 4:19:57 AM

The small feed pellet machine price is reasonable, and is welcomed by all over the world customers, this article we will introduce dry fish feed pellet machine in detail.

Dry Fish Feed Pellet Machine Introduction

The fish feed pellet mill is novel design, high yield and stable operation. The main components are made of special alloy materials after heat treatment. Using corn, soybean (soybean cake) and other plant wastes as raw materials, the puffed feed with different pellet shapes, unique taste, rich nutrition and delicate structure can be produced by adding them directly into the machine. There is a great difference between puffed feed and traditional feed. The cost of homemade puffed feed will be greatly reduced when the feed formula is the same. The puffed feed pellets produced by this machine are neat and smooth in shape. They will not sink when floating on the water for more than 12 hours and will not pollute the water source. The sterilization greatly reduces the occurrence of diseases of aquatic products such as fish and shrimp.

Dry Fish Feed Pellet Machine Application

Dry fish feed pellet machine is corn, soybean meal, straw, grass, rice husk and other crushing materials directly press pellets of the feed processing machinery. It is used in various fish feed production lines. Due to the adjustable temperature and pressure of dry fish feed machine, it can produce floating feed (for upper fish and frog), slow sinking feed (for middle and lower fish) and sinking feed (for shrimp and crab). At the same time can also meet some specific requirements, such as low moisture feed, high fiber feed.

Main Structural Features Of Floating Fish Feed Pellet Machine

  1. The main shaft of pellet millis of composite structure, and the spare extension shaft can be used for expansion processing of different raw materials. The fish feed making machine has novel design, compact structure and high production efficiency.
  2. Itcan be equipped with automatic feeding system, feeding device for the world's latest switch reluctance speed regulating motor control horizontal transmission screw, the other end and the expansion extruder connection, by adjusting the amount of feed to control the expansion output of the feed, and can effectively prevent the material arch.
  3. The cutting system, the independent cutting device and the body connection is convenient, fast, variable speed cutting knife head, can easily adjust the cutting knife, can easily adjust the gap between the cutting knife and the template, according to the need to prepare different templates, to ensure the required material diameter and length, the production of different specifications and shapes of products.Easy to use, smooth transmission and low noise. 
  4. Main components are made of special alloy materials through heat treatment, with long service life and low feed cost. 
  5. Dry expansion process, the use of self-heating, no need for steam system.Screw design has a strong self-cleaning function, screw groove can be self-purification, so change the formula and product varieties, no need to stop cleaning, extruder screw has a strong pumping effect, material adhesion and diffusion effect is strong, fast speed, product quality is relatively stable.

Dry Fish Feed Pellet Machine Advantages

  1. Thefloating fish feed pellet machine has simple structure, small floor space and low noise when used.
  2. The granulated feed is convenient for feeding and management to prevent feed waste.
  3. Compared with the powder feed, the pelletedfeed formed by the dryfish feed pellet machine has higher benefit and longer storage period.
  4. Dry fish feed pellet machine in the processing of pellet feed, the high temperature generated can promote the internal ripening of pellet feed, promote the digestion of livestock, reduce the probability of illness.
  5. Reduce water pollution, aquatic expanded feed in the water does not dissolve, does not sink, thus can avoid the feed in the water residual fermentation.

Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery as a professional dry fish feed pellet machine manufacturer, we not only provide a complete fish feed making machine but also provide a single machine in the fish feed production, we have agency about fish feed making machine in India and other country. Welcome all over the world customers to consult.

Dry Fish Feed Pellet Machine Fish Feed Making Machine In India


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