Electric Flat Die Feed Pellet Machine Manufacturer

Electric Flat Die Feed Pellet Machine Manufacturer

News Posted: 12/2/2019 1:03:03 AM

Electric feed pellet machine is widely used in the animal husbandry industry in rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, fish, pigs, aquatic products ect., large and medium-sized breeding plants, feed mills, and organic waste re-pelletization in brewing, sugar, paper, medicine, tobacco, and other industries.

Zhengzhou Fusmar machinery is a professional electric flat die feed pellet machine manufacturer, this article we will introduce electric flat die feed pellet machine in detail.

Electric Flat Die Feed Pellet Machine Introduction

Electric flat die feed pellet machine to circular motion as the principle, main shaft and flat die under the effect of friction, the drive roller rotation, the material between the roller and the template of high-temperature gelatinization, clotting protein denaturation, under the roller extruding from the eduction in die hole, made of pellets are sent out with the left closed, adjustable pellets through incision length, template and press roller is made of high quality alloy steel after special treatment.

The hardness of the feed can adjust through moving the cutter properly or changing the cutter. In addition, during the course of the feed grain mechanism, the fineness of crushing can improve, the effective length of the mold hole can increase, and molasses or grease can add if necessary.

Main Structure Of Electric Flat Die Feed Pellet Machine

The main structure of the feed pellet machine including feeder, stirring, pelletizing, transmission and lubrication system.

Feeder: It is composed of a speed-regulating motor, a reducer, a wringing dragon barrel, and a wringing dragon shaft.

Modulator: It is mainly composed of modulating shaft, blade, barrel, reducer, and motor.

Pressing Chamber: The main components of the flat die, two rollers, feed scraper, cutting knife, and die roller gap adjustment screw.

Main Transmission Box: It is mainly composed of active gear, passive gear, spindle, empty shaft, box, and bearing.

Working Principle Of Electric Flat Die Feed Pellet Machine

Powder from hopper to the feeding ground dragon, by adjusting the infinitely adjustable-speed motor speed, to obtain the appropriate material flow, and then into the crusher, quenched and tempered by stirring rod agitation mix with steam, if you need to add molasses and grease, and join together with the steam from the agitator of the quenched and tempered (oil content is generally not more than 3%, otherwise difficult to granulating), after quenched and tempered. Then it enters the chute and passes through the iron removal device to remove the iron mixed in the matching powder, and finally enters the pressing chamber for pelleting.

The equipment in the process of processing, do not need to add steam, low temperature. It can keep all kinds of coarse, fine and fine feeds as raw materials, select appropriate additives, after mix and stir evenly, and then pelletization.

Electric Flat Die Feed Pellet Machine Advantage

  1. Materials can be dried in and out without drying. Adopt differential, universal joint drive, equipped with a motor.
  2. Low energy consumption, high output, and convenient operation.
  3. The pellet press machine use of extrusion pelletization, polishing and finishing of the new technology, thoroughly solve the organic raw material content is low, pelletization difficult,
  4. Reduce friction, reduce energy consumption, high output.
  5. It can produce cylindrical feed pellets of different length, circular ball type pure organic fertilizer, organic and inorganic fertilizer and biological organic fertilizer. Pellets uniform, smooth, round, high strength, good fluidity.

Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery manufactured feed pellet machine for those small family farming use, also called homemade pellet mill. At the same time, the feed pellets can preserve for a long time, more than half a year is not a problem. We not only provide a single machine but also provide a complete feed pellet production line.

Electric Flat Die Feed Pellet Machine Manufacturer


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