Environment Protection And Energy-saving Of Mechanism Charcoal

Environment Protection And Energy-saving Of Mechanism Charcoal

News Posted: 9/12/2019 3:35:25 AM

As the current environmental pollution problem becomes more and more serious, some environment polluting equipment is gradually eliminated by society. Only environment-friendly equipment can have better market development prospects. The charcoal briquette machine can not only use the waste but also produced environment-friendly mechanism charcoal that can replace the traditional coal and other fuels to solve the environmental problems.

Production Process Of The Mechanism Charcoal

The charcoal press machine is filled with raw materials containing biomass fibers that can produce charcoal, such as branches, straw, peanut hulls, trunks, cotton straw, tea seed husks, weeds, leaves, and so on. And then crushed into powder around 10 mm through a hammer mill. The powder through a drying machine to make the moisture content within 12%. Putting into the charcoal briquette machine through high temperature and high pressure, it is formed (without any additives) and then put into a carbonization furnace for carbonization.

The production process of the mechanism charcoal is an environmental protection industry. For the reprocessing and utilization of waste materials, environment-friendly charcoal is produced to meet new development needs. How to make the charcoal briquette production line more environment-friendly, it is necessary to pay attention to the mechanism charcoal production equipment, and maintain high environmental protection during the production process.

Mechanism Charcoal Environmental Protection And Energy-saving

The mechanism charcoal adopts environmental protection and energy-saving technology, which can solve environmental problems and use the dryer to dry the raw materials, thereby saving fuel costs. Using the mechanism of charcoal raw material drying technology, using electronic temperature control can achieve the ideal dry humidity, automatic discharge, and the output is large and the power consumption is low, the effect is very good.

The reason why the mechanism charcoal is widely used, mainly the mechanism charcoal has many advantages. For example, compared with other charcoal, the mechanism charcoal is cheap, and has no dirt beam, does not explode, and has its own fixed shape. The most important thing is very environment-friendly. In the course of use, there is basically no waste slag or waste liquid, exhaust gas, etc. So that basically no environmental pollution is caused after use, which is particularly prominent compared with other carbons.

Charcoal briquette machine can solve the problem of environmental protection and energy-saving, it can make good use of agricultural and forestry waste to produce mechanism charcoal, many users are investing in mechanism charcoal machine equipment to produce mechanism charcoal, and the emergence of mechanism charcoal machine has played a great role in the rapid development of energy conservation and environmental protection.

Environment Protection And Energy-saving Of Mechanism Charcoal


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