Eucalyptus Bark Can Be Used As Raw Material For Charcoal Briquette Machine Equipment

Eucalyptus Bark Can Be Used As Raw Material For Charcoal Briquette Machine Equipment

News Posted: 4/10/2020 2:08:34 AM

At present, mechanism charcoal is one of the main fuels in the barbecue industry. It has the advantages of no smoke, no odor, no cracking and no sparks when burning, high calorific value, long burning time, and so on. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection in human society and the start of green projects, the production methods of logging and burning charcoal have gradually ended over the years. The machine-made charcoal produced by charcoal briquette machine is an environmentally friendly fuel, using wood chips, sawdust, bagasse, peanut shells, corn cobs, straw and other wastes as raw materials. Not only does it turn waste into treasure, but as an alternative fuel, it has better quality than traditional charcoal and has good development prospects. 

Production Advantages Of Charcoal Machine Equipment

  1. The automatic adjustment function of the pressure roller:The principle of the two-way rotation of the thrust bearing is used to automatically adjust the pressure angle. So that the material not squeezed, the machine not stuffy, and the stability of the discharge molding is ensured.
  2. Electric heating function:Fully automatic electric heating device, which can adjust the dry humidity of the material and solve the problem of blockage and non-forming.
  3. The operation is simple and easy to use:High degree of automation, either manual feeding or conveyor feeding. Pay attention to factors such as the humidity of the raw materials, whether the equipment is firm during installation, and the hardness of the products produced.
  4. Strong raw material applicability:It’s suitable for the molding of various biomass raw materials, the straw length is from powder to 50mm, and the moisture content is 5-30%, which can be processed and formed.
  5. High production capacity, low price,and low power consumption.

Eucalyptus Bark Can Be Used As Raw Material For Charcoal Briquette Machine Equipment

Charcoal briquette machine production mechanism charcoal has rich raw materials and low prices. For example: waste straw, wood chips, branches, and leaves, so the eucalyptus bark is possible to make mechanism charcoal. But it can not be directly produced, that is to say, only bark is not feasible. Because the process of forming charcoal requires wood fiber, the bark does not have wood fiber, although the content of carbon in the bark reaches the standard, there is no wood fiber. So the mechanism sticks pointed out will be very loose, and it is extremely difficult to form after carbonization. This is not the case when building a factory where there is a lot of bark as raw material. The lack of wood fiber is completely compensated. Only need to add an appropriate amount of wood chips can be successfully formed. There are many raw materials for charcoal making machine, and some may not be able to produce charcoal directly, need to add some other things to assist.

From the overall situation, eucalyptus bark can be used for making mechanism charcoal, so users of investment mechanism charcoal machine equipment can carry out this project!

Eucalyptus Bark Can Be Used As Raw Material For Charcoal Briquette Machine Equipment


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