Farm Feed Mixer Machine Feed Mixing Machine Application In Feed Plant

Farm Feed Mixer Machine Feed Mixing Machine Application In Feed Plant

News Posted: 10/30/2019 2:33:39 AM

In modern feed production, the quality of feed has attracted more and more attention. The mixing evenness of feed pellets is an important index to reflect the quality of feed processing, otherwise, it’s the main parameter to evaluate the mixing performance of the farm feed mixer machine.

Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery Manufactured Mixer Machine

Our company Fusmar manufactured mixer machine widely used in the chemical industry, pesticide, dye, medicine, food, feed, petroleum, metallurgy, and mining industries of various powder pellets mixing.

Farm Feed Mixer Machine Performance And Effect

Regardless of the production of mixed feed or premix feed, the batching and mixing section system is an important section of the whole feed plant. What is the performance and use effect of the farm feed mixer machine, which directly determines the production efficiency and product quality of the feed plant.

There are many factors that affect the mixing effect, but the selected farm feed mixer machine mainly affected by the model and mixing time. At present, the feed production is still based on the conventional horizontal screw mixer, which has a long mixing cycle and needs at least 3-6min mixing time. Of course, the length of mixing time-related to the nature of the mixed materials.

Farm Feed Mixer Machine Application In Feed Plant

In recent years, with the rapid development of electronic technology of high-performance computer batching scale. The batching cycle has been gradually shortened to about 2min, and there is a trend of further shortening. In the complete feed pellet production processing equipment of the feed mill, the ideal one is that the production cycle of the mixer is equal to or close to the batching scale. So as to ensure that the batching mixing system has an accurate ratio, high mixing quality, and normal operation. The production efficiency of the complete set of units reaches the best state, thus effectively increasing the output and reducing the production cost.

Our company Fusmar manufactured sealed dust-free, simple operation, convenient maintenance, and long applicable life. In addition, according to the requirements of users can also customize a variety of models to meet the production needs of feed mills.

See here, I believe you have a deeper understanding of our company Fusmar manufactured farm feed mixer machine. It is a new type of efficient mixing equipment. If you want to know more about mixer machine information, you can contact our sales designer, we will have professional staff to answer in detail for you. At the same time welcome new and old customers to buy our products!

Farm Feed Mixer Machine Feed Mixing Machine Application In Feed Plant


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