Feed Processing Machinery Feed Pellet Plant In Receiving Raw Materials

Feed Processing Machinery Feed Pellet Plant In Receiving Raw Materials

News Posted: 5/14/2020 5:38:03 AM

In the design of compound feed processing machinery, the processing technology and production equipment are important to ensure the quality of feed. Only in the performance of reliable feed processing machinery and scientific process can produce qualified compound feed.

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Reasonable Selection Of Feed Processing Machinery

Reasonable selection of feed processing machinery, but also with scientific processing technology. Only then the product quality can be guaranteed. Of course, for the production enterprises, the use of perfect, reasonable, flexible process, choosing efficient and high-quality equipment, also always belongs to the goal which diligently pursues.

The analysis based on the source of the feed and the processing method. Generally, the processing technology is first crushed and then batched. The production system of feed processing machinery also composed of eight parts: raw material receiving, pellet crushing, ingredient mixing, pelletizing and expansion, liquid spraying, finished product discharge, electrical control, and dust removal system.

Pellet Crushing Process Of Feed Processing Machinery

In the process of feed processing machinery, crushing process is a very critical process. According to the current production, according to the different crushing times of raw materials, it can divide into primary crushing process and secondary crushing process. The one-time pulverization process is simple and the equipment investment is small, but its disadvantages are that the treatment results of the pulverized material may have uneven particle size and high power consumption.

Another crushing process can make up for this shortcoming. With this method, the finished products processed through feed processing machinery have the same granularity, high output, and low energy consumption, but the equipment investment is large. Therefore, most feed mills use one-time crush currently. In compound feed, pellets generally account for 60% -70%. When selecting a crusher machine, the production capacity of the feed mill grinder is generally greater than the production needs of the feed mill.

Raw Materials Receiving

Next, we mainly analyze the content of receiving raw materials. Generally speaking, the raw material receiving process generally includes conveying equipment, magnetic separation equipment, primary cleaning screen, metering equipment and production silos. At present, the commonly used raw material weighing equipment is a floor scale, and a flow scale rarely used.

In this process, most of the production enterprises use the conveying equipment is generally bucket elevator and scraper conveyor. Its productivity and receiving method are mainly related to feed processing machinery and the production capacity of manufacturers, generally based on the principle of not affecting the feeding.

Hope this article can help you know more feed pellet production equipment, if you want to build your own feed pellet plant, please contact us.

Feed Processing Machinery Feed Pellet Plant In Receiving Raw Materials


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