Fermentation And Granulation In A Complete Cow Manure Organic Fertilizer Production Line Are Two Key Steps

Fermentation And Granulation In A Complete Cow Manure Organic Fertilizer Production Line Are Two Key Steps

News Posted: 1/8/2020 3:33:21 AM

In the cow manure organic fertilizer production line, the fermentation turner machine and the organic fertilizer granulator machine occupy an important role in all organic fertilizer equipment. This article will introduce the problems that these two key machines may encounter during production in detail.

Cow Manure Organic Fertilizer Production Line Turning Fermentation Equipment

There are many types of cow manure organic fertilizer fermentation equipment, and the models in the same category are also different in size. We can choose according to the output needs. In the current market, the most widely used is the trough-type fermentation, the representative of which is the ordinary trough-type turner. Which is suitable for small-volume organic fertilizer production lines. When in use, the turner should park in the open space for fermentation, and the turner teeth must not submerge in the raw materials. After the turning pile teeth fully rotate, you can turn on the walking motor and slowly start the fat turning operation. Which avoids encountering large resistance when the turning pile motor just starts, which has some unnecessary consequences. Sometimes, in order to improve the utilization rate of the fermentation tank, too high a pile of fertilizer will also cause too much resistance when turning over the pile, with serious consequences.

Organic Fertilizer Granulator Equipment

Organic fertilizer granulators are important in the cow manure organic fertilizer production line. The key to how to improve product yield and output lies in organic fertilizer granulation equipment. According to the different raw materials, we can choose the appropriate granulation machinery, but next, we have to find ways to make good use of this machinery to give them an advantage. According to the principle of granulation, we know that the powder raw materials formed into spherical particles through the bonding of moisture, so controlling the moisture content and making the moisture content uniform are the key factors to improve the yield. The moisture content is lower, then the granulation rate is lower. The moisture content is higher, the large particles are more. If the moisture is uneven, the particle size smaller and the yield lower. Therefore, we should constantly explore the moisture content in the production process to ensure high-volume production.

A Complete Cow Manure Organic Fertilizer Production Line

In a cow manure organic fertilizer production line, there are many fermentation turner machines, organic fertilizer crusher, mixing machine, organic fertilizer granulator, rotary dryer, rotary cooler, drum sieving machine, automatic packaging machine, and other auxiliary equipment. However, here we only list the relevant topics of the fermenting turner machine and organic fertilizer granulator. One is the importance of this two equipment in the whole set of organic fertilizer equipment. And the other is two cow manure organic fertilizer production equipment requires relatively more experience. It needs to explore and summarize in the future production process, in order to make use of the equipment.

The cow manure organic fertilizer production line is a combination of several types of equipments that can produce organic fertilizer smoothly. Now the country also vigorously supporting the organic fertilizer production line equipment, because the organic fertilizer production line can make livestock manure into organic fertilizer. Effectively solve the pollution of livestock and poultry manure. And now manufacturers produced the organic fertilizer production lines need to more practical so that the organic fertilizer production lines that people buyback are more convenient and faster to use. The degree of automation of organic fertilizer production lines needs to improve so that such organic fertilizer production lines can be efficient, such an organic fertilizer production line can efficiently treat livestock and poultry manure.

Fermentation And Granulation In A Complete Cow Manure Organic Fertilizer Production Line Are Two Key Steps


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