Floating Fish Feed Pellet For Your Fishes With Fish Feed Machine

Floating Fish Feed Pellet For Your Fishes With Fish Feed Machine

News Posted: 8/29/2019 5:58:17 AM

In order to improve the utilization rate of feed, digestion and absorption rate, reduce the impact of feed on water environment, and improve the production efficiency of aquaculture, Fusmar Machinery has done a lot of work. By improving feed machinery quality and processing technology, have been obtained good economic and social benefits. The production of fish feed by extruding is an important research achievement in feed processing. This article we will introduce the floating fish feed machine in detail.

Puffing Fish Feed Machine Introduction

Puffing fish feed machine is a kind of processing puffed fish feed equipment, the main principle of its work is the mechanical energy into heat energy, using the heat generated by the machine rotation of the food extrusion, the most obvious characteristics of the larger volume, good taste.

Puffing fish feed machine including conditioning device and extrusion device, quenched and tempered by pipe connected between device and extrusion device, tempering device at the top of the set into the hopper, set inside a conditioning screw, conditioning screw connected with tempering machine, extrusion unit within set screw extrusion, extrusion screw connected with extrusion machine, extrusion device including surface and strengthening layer, strengthen layer settings are described with extrusion of form a complete set of screw extrusion internal thread, the discharge end of the extrusion device settings have a flower mold, flowers die rotational connection with the described strengthening layer, setting of extrusion device also has a reinforcement mechanism.

Application Of Puffed Fish Feed Produced By Puffing Fish Feed Machine

According to the feeding characteristics of different aquatic animals, such as crabs and other benthic animals, accustomed to looking for food in the bottom, using the slower way to eat, so the fish feed pellets can not be too hard, too solid, but also as far as possible to reduce the feed in the process of gnawing small debris caused by the loss. From this point of view, the expanded feed is more appropriate: the expanded feed is easy to absorb water and soften, suitable for gnawing, but also can reduce gnawing when the debris loss, reduce feed waste and water pollution. Moreover, the expanded feed has long water resistance and high curing degree.

How To Produce Puffed Fish Feed With Puffing Fish Feed Machine

Twin-screw wet extruder is widely used to produce puffing fish feed. There are many factors influencing the material expansion, but they are closely related to the conditioning conditions, the operation conditions of the extruder and the material properties. The fluctuation of the extruded feed can be controlled by changing the extrusion conditions.

  1. Tempering is particularly important in the production of expanded feed. In the production of puffing and sedimentation feed, the strong effect of extrusion should be weakened, and the effect of quality should be increased. Water and steam are added during tempering time, and there is enough tempering time to make the material fully soften and mature, so as to create a better plastic condition for the material in the next step under the weaker condition in the puffing cavity. In this way, the material will continue to mature, but will not produce a greater degree of expansion, to obtain the sink feed. Adequate conditioning has a good effect on improving feed digestibility, water resistance, extrusion stability and product uniformity.
  2. Puffing fish feed should use a lower screw speed, can provide the required extrusion. Adequate conditioning has a good effect on improving feed digestibility, water resistance, extrusion stability and product uniformity.
  3. The floating fish feedshould use a lower screw speed, not only can provide the required feeding section of the extrusion machine cavity, in order to ensure good transport performance of the material, can not be heated. In the machine cavity melting section, must be heated, the temperature of the machine cavity in 120 ~ 125?, not too high, screw and machine cavity on the material shear kneading effect, promote the material aging, improve plasticity. To the homogenizing section at the end of the cavity, the cavity is cooled (the temperature of the cavity is 40 ~ 50?) to reduce the energy of the matured plastic material, reduce the supersaturated state of the water in the material, and prevent the material from expanding too much when extruding from the mold hole into the atmosphere.
  4. The pressure in the machine cavity and expansion machine screw configuration, material characteristics, template opening rate is large, the discharge flow is large, in the template is not easy to accumulate high pressure. The number of die holes can be changed according to the situation to get the suitable expanded feed.

The puffing fish feed solved the problem because of the low curing degree of traditional pellet. In addition, puffing fish feed has high stability in water, no need to add artificial binder, no break, so it has been widely used in fisheries and aquaculture, and is gradually replacing the traditional pellet materials.

Floating Fish Feed Pellet For Your Fishes With Fish Feed Machine


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