High Quality Ring Die Wood Pellet Machine On Sale

High Quality Ring Die Wood Pellet Machine On Sale

News Posted: 12/6/2019 1:21:20 AM

Ring die pellet machine is the main equipment in the production process of the pellet fuel plant, also is the key process of the biomass pellet production line. Using a suitable biomass pellet machine, directly affect the economic benefits of biomass pellet fuel plant.

Our company Fusmar Machinery is a professional ring die wood pellet machine manufacturer, this article we will introduce this machine in detail.

Raw Materials For Biomass Pellets Making

There is a wide range of raw materials for making wood pellets, such as rice shell, peanut shell, melon seed shell, bamboo chip, bagasse, palm shell, branches, branches, bark, leaves, wood waste, large furniture factories, timber factories, the production process of various kinds of wood generated wood chips. Making them into the renewable fuel pellets, replacement of coal in the future.

To make biomass fuel, such as straw, sawdust, sawdust, grass, and other raw materials, need a lot of pressure. It is necessary to use a large vertical ring die biomass pellet machine, heavy pressure to ensure long-term stable operation.

How To work Of Ring Die Wood Pellet Machine

When the wood pellet machine is running, under the working of the conveying device of the pellet machine, the material will pass through the conveying device, pass through the pelletizing bin, and then enter into the modulator for modulation.  After that, the material will modulate and process. In the process of modulation, the method of material modulation is heat and humidity treatment.

After the above steps, the material will enter the wood pellet machine through other conveying devices for further operation. When the material enters the granulator, the material will rotate in the ring die. And the material is subject to centrifugal force. Later, the material will be evenly distributed between the die roller. 

Between the die rollers, the material will be squeezed and stuffed under the rotation of the die roller. In the later stage of material production, the shape of the material under the extrusion of die hole will become a strip shape type. Because the length of the cutting knife installed outside the die is fixed length, the material produced after the end of production. The material will be cut at the corresponding length of the cutter into a corresponding length of pellets.

Main Features Of Ring Die Wood Pellet Machine

  1. The biomass pellet machineadopts shaping grinding technology to ensure the precision of gear. Choosing high quality bearing to ensure efficient stable transmission and low noise.
  2. The use of reinforced spindle, spindle platen for thickening and CNC center processing. Withhigh accuracy, stability is greatly improved.
  3. Ring mold selection with stainless steel, alloy steel material.With a high-quality heat treatment technology and processing technology, the service life of the ring die and the grain yield of wood chips are greatly improved.
  4. Ring mold disassembly and installation adopt quick unloading type holding screen type, safe stable operation, standard with ring mold lifting trolley, easy disassembly and installation.
  5. Adoptinga large-diameter barrel body and paddle type forced feeding mechanism to make feeding more uniform, so that the ring die and pressure roller hands are even, and increase the stability of pelletization.

Hope this article can help you know more ring die pellet machine, if you want to build your own biomass pellet production line, please contact us. Because we are a professional ring die pellet machine manufacturer with many years in this industry, we will provide complete a solution to meet your demand.

High Quality Ring Die Wood Pellet Machine On Sale


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