Horizontal Mixing Machine Mixer Machine Manufacturer

Horizontal Mixing Machine Mixer Machine Manufacturer

News Posted: 9/30/2019 2:41:21 AM

The mixing degree is high and the residual amount is small of the horizontal mixing machine, it is suitable for mixing with organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer. Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional fertilizer mixing machine manufacturer, this article will introduce this machine in detail.

Introduction Of The Horizontal Mixing Machine

The horizontal mixing machine makes the material to thoroughly mix, which improves mixing uniformity. The novel rotor structure adjusts the gap between the rotor and the casing to near zero, effectively reducing the amount of material remaining. The special rotor design of the machine can also break up large materials, the overall structure is more reasonable, the appearance is beautiful, the operation and maintenance are convenient.

Structural Features Of The Mixing Machine

The whole machine can divide into three parts:

  1. Rack part: All working bodies of the machine fixed on the frame. The frame of the machine welded with excellent carbon steel plate and channel steel, and has passed strict product certification and specific process requirements. Reach the purpose used ofthis machine.
  2. Transmission connection part:The motor drives the pulley, the V-belt and the reducer to drive the spindle to rotate. The nylon shaft pin (or sprocket) used for the transmission connector and the transmission drive. Easy to assemble and repair.
  3. Mixing and stirring working part:The transmission wheel transmitted to the main shaftthrough the shaft pin coupling (or sprocket). The special spiral stirring blade welded on the main shaft rotates synchronously, and the material evenly turned in the stirring chamber. So that the materials can fully mix, thereby reducing the residual amount of the material. After a period of mixing, the material flows out from a special discharge port below the body.  

Working Principle Of The Machine

When the horizontal mixer is working and mixing, the material in the machine subjected to the action of two rotors in opposite directions, and the composite motion carried out. The blade leaves the material to rotate counterclockwise along the inner wall of the machine slot. On the other hand, the material turned left and right, and the two rotors crossed. Overlapping shape weight loss zone, in which the material floats in an instantaneous weightless state regardless of the shape, size, and density of the material. Which causes the material to form an omnidirectional continuous cycle in the machine slot, interlacing and cutting. Thereby achieving a smooth and gentle mixing effect.

The mechanical equipment of Fusmar sells well in domestic and foreign markets and enjoys a high welcome among consumers. With years of hard work, Zhengzhou Fusmar has established a complete and effective service system and built an experienced service team. We will carry out after-sales tracking service for the fertilizer machinery equipment sold.

Horizontal Mixing Machine Mixer Machine Manufacturer


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