Horse Feed Pellets Analysis and Made

Horse Feed Pellets Analysis and Made

News Posted: 6/22/2020 3:37:59 AM

In order to make horse live a long, healthy life, and perform best, two most significant nutritional factors to horse are water and forage. Some horses can maintain healthy weight on forage without additional grain or feed, while for some horses especially those in rigorous training programs would need more than that.  

Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional animal feed machine manufacturer.

Types Of Horse Feed

Grains here mean cereal plants grown, harvested and used as horse feed. Grains can provide nutrients and carbohydrates for horse. For horses, the most common grain is oats which are also easy to digest. Apart from oats, corn, and barley are also popular horse feeds to offer energy and weight. Some people also mix sorghum and wheat with other grains to use as horse feeds.  

Disadvantages of Grains:

As to using grains to feed horse, there is one thing to pay attention, kernels and hulls of sorghum and wheat are too hard for horse to eat and digest, so they should be processed before feeding.

  1. Sweet feeds.

It is also called as textured feed. Sweet feed mainly contains grains (such as oats, barley, corn) and protein, minerals, vitamins with high levels of molasses. Grains contained is wholly or coarsely crushed and plainly visible in the mix. Sweet feed is also chewier than other forms of feed, so with more saliva production it can encourage better horse digestion. With high molasses content, sweet feeds become an ideal choice for those who want to encourage horses to eat more and have an extra boost of energy.

Drawbacks of Sweet Feeds:

Even though sweet feed is a go-to feed, its high sugar content makes it quite harmful just like sugar for people. People don’t let children to have sugary candy for dinner, so is the same for horses. Too much sugar is bad for their teeth and not good for their bodies.

  1. Pelleted feeds.

Pelleted feeds are made by grinding up grains, proteins, vitamins and minerals, then using heat and moisture to form them into pellets. Compared with unprocessed grains, pelleted feeds are uniform and more easy to digest especially for foals, weanlings, and older horses.

Why Using Pelleted Feeds

  1. Pelleted feeds are made of feed that ground into particles formerly, so pellets are much more digestible than whole grains or hay. Which is especially a better choice for very young or old horses, or for horses that have mouth or tooth problem. For those elderly horses that have little or no teeth,pellets can also be soaked into a mush.
  2. Horses can’t sort out feeds in pelleted type. If you have horses that always sort out ingredients to eat and leave the rest, it probably doesn’t get the nutrition that is designed to deliver. However with pelleted feed, horses have no choice but to eat the whole pellets. In this way, horses can get balanced nutrition that owners want to deliver.
  3. Without molasses content, pelleted feeds are easier to store in special weather. Pellets can also remain fresh for a long time because some special ingredients are added to preserve its storage life.
  4. Pellets have high density and small size, so they are easy to transport and move around.
  5. Pelleted feeds are also economical,because making horse feeds pellets cost much less than buying feed pellets. Moreover pellets provide more energy with less bulk and readily available.

How To Make Horse Feed Pellets

First, raw ingredients have to ground into powder, so one horse feed hammer mill is a must for grinding up raw materials. Then ground powder has to be separated by a sieve to make sure powder meet requirements.

Second, feed mixer is needed to mix processed raw materials. During these processes, vitamins, protein, minerals are added to raise the nutritional value of feed pellets.

Third, mixed materials are fed into a feed pellet mill to be extruded into pellets under high temperature and high pressure.

As the pellets to be extruded has high temperature, so pellets cooler is a necessary to cool the heat. Next pellets package machine can be adopted if you have bagging requirements.  

Tips To Pay Attention

Wheat and rice barn are not suitable to be regarded as major part of your horse’s diet because they may cause mineral imbalances. Besides, such things like tomatoes, acorns, cauliflowers, kale, cabbage are also can not fed to your horses.     

Horse Feed Pellets Analysis and Made


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