How does activated carbon remove pollutants from the air?

How does activated carbon remove pollutants from the air?

Article Posted: 11/17/2020 12:45:26 AM

Carbon is the most abundant building block of life. It can get tied to itself and other elements to create polymers that exist everywhere in nature.


Some of these polymers we know and use, such as graphite and charcoal. They differ in that carbon needs a different temperature before they can appear.


You already know that diamonds can only appear when carbon is crushed and exposed to enormous heat that only exists in Earth’s core. For activated carbon, all it takes is a bit of steady heat.


When put under more steady heat, the ties inside the carbon polymer get broken up and the carbon turns into charcoal.https://www.activated-carbon-pellets.comSome applied chemistry and more heat and the charcoal becomes activated carbon. That’s when it becomes very reactive and traps almost all pollutants from air and water.


In essence, carbon molecules shed their outer layer and become eager to tie themselves to anything they can. In its activated state, carbon is very porous. Almost anything that passes through the pores gets captured by the carbon molecules and can’t budge.


To date, no chemicals are known to remove radon from air; and activated carbon is no exception. coal pellet activated carbon However, while ineffective from removing radon directly from the air, activated carbon has been shown to reduce radon by more than 90% from treated drinking water.It's no surprise why this powerful substance has been used by many companies for filtering out gasses.


How does activated carbon remove pollutants from the air?


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