How Does The Multi-functional Feed Pellet Machine Make The Straw Into Cow Sheep Rabbit Pellets

How Does The Multi-functional Feed Pellet Machine Make The Straw Into Cow Sheep Rabbit Pellets

News Posted: 3/30/2020 4:26:07 AM

Feed pellet machines widely used in aquaculture, grain feed processing plants, livestock farms, poultry farms, individual farmers, and small medium-sized farms. At present, the feed pellet machine widely used in feed plants and farms due to its unique advantages. It has brought huge economic benefits to many customers. Fusmar Machinery is a professional pellet machine manufacturer.

Those common crop wastes such as corn stalks will become feed pellets as long as they are properly used. Here's how to process straw into pellets for cattle, sheep, and rabbits.

Collection Of Raw Materials

Corn, sorghum, and other crops contain a lot of moisture in the straw. If they are not dried, the fibers in the straw will have toughness because of the moisture, and it will be very difficult to crush them. The powder will stick into a paste and stick to the inside of the pellet making machine, affecting the operation of the device.

Crushed Raw Materials

The most commonly used crushing equipment in the feed industry is a multi-functional straw feed crusher, but this crushing equipment is not suitable for crushing straw. Because its main crushing component is a hammer blade, and the fiber component in the straw is easily entangled on the hammer blade. Causing damage to the equipment, so it is recommended that use a professional drip grinder.

Mixing Of The Materials

The production process of feed pellets is relatively complicated and the feeding effect is good, generally, feed pellets will be made into the full-price compound feed. Since it is a full-price compound feed, some other nutrients need to add to the original straw powder and mixed uniformly. After pelleting, it can provide comprehensive nutrition for poultry and livestock. Speaking of mixing equipment, family farms are suitable for economical vertical feed mixers. Feed mills generally use large-volume twin-shaft horizontal feed mixers.

Choosing A Feed Pellet Machine To Make Pellets

The feed pellet machine pelletizing equipment can heat the material, so that the pellet feed produced has a rich paste flavor. At the same time, the nutrients in the feed can be more easily absorbed. Of course, small farms can also choose this kind of pellet making machine, because the small models in this series are also suitable as household straw feed pellet machines. The straw is also rich in nutrients needed by many animals. As long as it is used reasonably, it will bring considerable economic benefits.  

Fusmar pellet machine equipment has a variety of aperture molds to adapt to the pelletization of different materials to achieve the best results. We can also customize the feed pellet machine according to customer requirements. 

Hope this aritcle can help you know more about pelletization, if you want to build your own feed pellet production line, please contact us.

How Does The Multi-functional Feed Pellet Machine Make The Straw Into Cow Sheep Rabbit Pellets


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