How Long Can The Straw Pellets Made By The Straw Pellet Machine Burn

How Long Can The Straw Pellets Made By The Straw Pellet Machine Burn

News Posted: 3/19/2020 4:27:14 AM

The straw pellet machine directly compresses the crushed straw, and it does not produce chemical changes during the production process, just simple high-temperature compression. The advantage of this biomass pellet machine equipment is that no additives added in the production process, the process is simple and easy to operate, and the finished product not polluted during the combustion process. Now, many large cities eliminate coal burning, which gives this biomass pellets a chance to display. Some biomass power plants are dedicated to burning such biomass pellets. The sales of this kind of biomass pellets mainly concentrated in cities that pay attention to environmental protection, used in boilers and biomass power plants.

How long the straw pellets burned is not necessarily, it is different in different ways of combustion and different burners. With the weight of coal and straw can not say which is longer, there is a way of combustion and burner.

The current combustion modes mainly include the following:

Layered Combustion

Layered combustion, also known as fire bed combustion, is only applicable to solid fuels and is the main combustion method for small boilers. The layered combustion has a wide range of applications, but the air and the combustible material poorly mixed. The combustion reaction is slow, and sometimes the smoke appears.

Suspension Combustion

Suspension combustion, also known as fire chamber combustion, is suitable for solid, liquid or gas fuels, and is the main combustion method for large and medium boilers. Suspension combustion does not require a grate, a large area of fuel and air contact, rapid ignition, high burnout rate, high combustion efficiency, and boiler thermal efficiency. It can achieve automatic control. But there are many devices, the system complicated, and the energy consumption is large.

Boiling Combustion

The combustion material crushed into particles smaller than 2mm and sent to the furnace. The air enters from the hood on the air distribution plate, which causes the biomass pellets to roll up down and burn in a liquid boiling state. Boiling combustion equipment has a large heat storage capacity and a strong combustion reaction. In this way, the combustion temperature is below 900 degrees, which can greatly reduce the formation of severe carcinogens, nitrogen oxides. Otherwise, it can easily take desulfurization measures, which is beneficial to environmental protection. So it has great development prospects.

In the above combustion method, the straw pellets extruded through the straw pellet machine can use for layered combustion and suspension combustion. The particles crushed through the straw crusher can use for boiling combustion.

Hope this article can help you know more about biomass pellets, if you want to build your own wood pellet production line, please contact us.

How Long Can The Straw Pellets Made By The Straw Pellet Machine Burn


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