How To Build The Carbonization Kiln More Durable Charcoal Briquette Machine

How To Build The Carbonization Kiln More Durable Charcoal Briquette Machine

News Posted: 12/27/2019 1:50:26 AM

In the charcoal briquette production line equipment, the production of mechanism charcoal needs a carbonization furnace. If you buy a good carbonization furnace, you can produce high-quality machine-made charcoal. Of course, if the wrong carbonization furnace is selected, the charcoal produced is not ideal. Therefore, you must be cautious when buying carbonization furnaces and identify the brand. Our company Fusmar manufactured high-quality charcoal briquette machine equipment.

A Carbonization Furnace Of Charcoal Kiln

The carbonization kiln also is a procedure to be used in the charcoal briquette production line equipment. Every link from stick making to carbonization is very important. It forms the machine-made charcoal that is essential to people's lives today. The construction cost of the kiln is relatively low, and the range of use is still very wide, allows users to improve the skills of carbonization.

How To Build The Carbonization Kiln More Durable

The role of the charcoal kiln is to keep warm. As long as it can achieve this effect, any form or appearance can be used. The updraft periodic charcoal kiln is a method of rapid heating and carbonization through external heating, in which flame or hot air is introduced to the bottom of the kiln body, at a level equal to or lower than the ground, and discharged above. The updraft regular charcoal kiln consists of three basic parts: a combustion chamber, a hot air duct, and a firewood stacking area. In the combustion chamber, the hot air generated by the combustion is introduced into the charcoal kiln by burning coal or firewood and other fuels.

Among them, the temperature in the kiln is mainly controlled by two devices, one is the air inlet of the hot air duct, and the other is the top of the kiln body. The air port can control the temperature in the charcoal kiln by controlling the air inlet channel and the exhaust gas outlet. The middle stack area is the charcoal that needs to be carbonized, which is located between the combustion chamber and the air outlet. Although the characteristics of the up-flow type charcoal kiln are energy saving, that is, fuel saving, compared with the down-flow type charcoal kiln, the production efficiency is higher, but the shortcomings are also obvious. The kiln uses a round arch type down-suction charcoal kiln which may be the common type of charcoal kiln. Of course, both the top suction and the down suction charcoal kiln can adopt a circular arch structure. But from the perspective of construction mechanics, because the top of the arch has pressure on the load-bearing wall around the kiln body, it is better to build the kiln body and then surround the kiln body. Use soil or sand as a thermal insulation layer and hoop bricks on the outside. This can not only increase the strength of the kiln body, but also heat the kiln body, and it is also beneficial to increase the life of the charcoal kiln.

Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery manufactured energy-saving charcoal briquette machinery equipment and a high-quality airflow carbonization furnace. Welcome to click our website Charcoal Briquette Machine and inquiry for more details.

How To Build The Carbonization Kiln More Durable Charcoal Briquette Machine


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