How to Choose a Activated Carbon for Water Treatment Purpose?

How to Choose a Activated Carbon for Water Treatment Purpose?

Article Posted: 10/16/2020 3:31:45 AM

The activated carbon is an adsorbent with high carbon content and a high internal porosity, and therefore a large free surface for adsorption. buy bulk activated carbon pellets Thanks to its characteristics, the activated carbon effectively allows the elimination of unwanted substances, mainly organic matter and chlorine, in both gases and liquids.


The active carbon has a wide range of applications at the industrial level. These include water purification, wastewater treatment, and air and gas purification among others.


Activated carbon is widely used for water purification at homes and industrial application as well. In the water treatment plants, the activated carbon for water helps in getting exceptional results. It is used for adsorbing natural organic compounds, odors, taste, and various types of chemicals. Unlike any other materials, activated carbon has the ability to perform adsorption, which is a physical as well chemical process that absorbs the harmful elements and ensure the liquid is free of any contamination. Activate charcoal for water is a highly effective adsorbent ideal for industrial use.


Choosing the right water treatment system is essential for water treatment plants and other industries that needs the service. Here are the things you need to consider when choosing a water treatment system:


It is important to choose a company that provides high-quality activated carbon for water treatment. Creating activated carbon requires essential steps that determines the performance of the products.


The steps involve:


  • Using a high-grade raw material and spray it to a powder.
  • A binder is added to the powder.
  • It is then re-agglomerated into briquettes, which is then crushed and sized.
  • The carbon formed is baked and then thermally activated.


Make sure to choose activated carbon for water treatment for higher quality for the best results. Industrial purpose activated carbon products are different than general purpose.activated charcoal wholesale price

How to Choose a Activated Carbon for Water Treatment Purpose?


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