How to choose powdered activated carbon for water treatment

How to choose powdered activated carbon for water treatment

Article Posted: 3/5/2021 9:18:04 PM

Powdered activated carbon can be divided into powdered activated carbon for water treatment, powdered activated carbon for sugar,  powdered activated carbon pac
 for medicine, and industrial-grade powdered activated carbon.


There is a difference in appearance between powdered activated carbon and granular activated carbon for water treatment. 65-95% of powdered activated carbon can pass through 325 mesh, and more than 90% can pass through 200 mesh. Its density is 0.36—074g/cm. between.


In water treatment, powdered activated carbon and granular activated carbon each play an important role. Powdered activated carbon has been widely used to remove color, smell, taste and trace organic matter in water. The dosage is usually 2-15mg/L. The adsorption cycle time of powdered activated carbon is shorter, the dosage method is simpler, the cost is lower, and the carbon type can be replaced at any time according to the water pollution status. The application continues to expand.


The use of powdered activated carbon in foreign countries to remove organic matter, color, and odor substances in water has achieved successful experience and good removal effect.activated charcoal suppliers  Moreover, powdered activated carbon equipment has low investment, low quotation, and fast adsorption speed, which is suitable for short-term and sudden emergencies. Strong adaptability to water pollution accidents.


The granular activated carbon is used for the advanced treatment of drinking water, usually used in conjunction with sand filters, and is widely used in water plants. Used in solvent recovery, organic gas adsorption, catalyst carrier, etc.; the use of powdered carbon is relatively narrow and usually used in the fields of decolorization, purification, and catalyst carrier.

 How to choose powdered activated carbon for water treatment


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