How to control the purity of alumina powder

How to control the purity of alumina powder

Article Posted: 12/26/2020 1:44:49 AM

Alumina powder is the main component of white corundum sand, which many customers know. Moreover, the use of high-temperature calcined alumina powder is not only the raw material of several corundum, but also has a wide range of uses, and it is indispensable in many processes. wholesale aluminium oxide From alumina to alumina powder, it is bound to be processed through multiple processes to be perfectly shaped. That is to say, the quality of alumina powder directly depends on the raw materials and processing procedures. So how to control the production process of alumina powder to control the purity of alumina powder?


The iron in industrial aluminum hydroxide is mainly in the form of Fe(OH) or iron hydrate garnet. The iron in the aluminum sulfate solution is mainly in the form of iron sulfate. The aluminum hydroxide is dissolved in concentrated sulfuric acid and diluted with deionized water to a certain extent; Ammonia water with a mass fraction of 6 is used to neutralize the precipitation to control the neutralization speed; strong stirring at 40 °C, add a small amount of B additive at pH = 2, add A additive to the filtrate through activated carbon column filtration, and neutralize to pH: 4.5 Obtain aluminum hydroxide gel; wash aluminum hydroxide gel;


Calcined at 12oo~C to remove sodium ions on the surface of the particles to obtain high-purity alumina powder.


 How to control the purity of alumina powder


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